Homework 6TH Grade

 4TH 9 weeks


19th--testing--no morning classes

22nd--Grammar workbook sheet 33-34 Exercises 1 on both side--(do not do Ex. 2)

         diagram sentences  3,9,10 on pg. 33 & 8,10 on pg. 34

23rd--Diagramming sentences sheet (1-10)

24th--Comparing with adverbs (pg. 88)

25th--no homework

26th--Adjective or Adverb sheet 10

26th--Grammar-Adjective/adverb sheet pg. 91

29th--Grammar Review--pp. 214-215  do sections 1(diagram the sentences),3,4,6,7,& 8 (do not write sentences for Sect. 8)  TEST WEDNESDAY ON ADVERBS/ADJECTIVES

30th--Adverb sheet 48-49

31st--test on adverbs/adjectives


1ST--no homwork

2nd--no homework


12th--Grammar--pp. 317-318  Diagram On Your Own sentences 7-15 & follow directions for 16-26

13th--go over yesterday's assignment--review for retest tomorrow

14th--retest on prepositions/prepositional

15th--Grammar--p. 328--diagram the sentences

16th--no homework

19th-22nd--Writing a descriptive paragraph describing a favorite activity (make sure to use adj/adv prepositional phrases)  use this link to check your work:  http://www.midlandit.co.uk/education/checktext/checktext.asp

26th--"How to" Speech--I demonstrated a How to" speech by making a paper drinking cup--use Grammar book pp. H7-9 & go over

27th--Give out "How to" speech rubric & go over---practice speeches

28th-30th--Give "How to" speeches


3--finish "How to" speeches

4th-7th--I will be gone...there will be a sub.

10th--go over workbook pp. 252-255

11th--read "Don Quixote" 656-667

12th--create a family crest

13th--finish the crest---do workbook pp. 256-260