Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Agreement

Mrs. Mallory Bodine    803-442-6300   

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student, I am very excited for the new school year and getting to know all of you! The following are the class rules and procedures.  Please fill out the bottom of this document, cut along the dotted line, and bring it back to class by August 19th for a practice grade. 

Classroom Rule:

v      Please, do not interrupt the teacher from teaching, yourself from learning, or any other student from learning.

Classroom Procedures:

v      Coming Into Class:

         Line up outside the door and WAIT for the teacher to INVITE YOU IN.  You must come in SILENTLY. Have your class materials out and leave your book bag on the wall.  Begin your Warm Up in your Notebook.

v      Doing Assignments:

         Group Work:  Be respectful of group mates and share the workload.

         Note Taking/Class Discussions: Raise your hand to ask questions or make comments.   Be respectful of others speaking, including the teacher!

v      Absent Work:

         Notes: MUST BE MADE UP AND IN THE CORRECT PLACE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK!  Find notes in the absent binder, copy and return, or on the class website. You may not print out notes and paste them in your notebook.

         Labs/Activities: If they are able to be made up, you will find them in the absent binder.  You may be able to do them on your own, or YOU may have to set up a time with the teacher to make it up. 

v      Turning Work In:

         There is a drawer to turn work in for EACH CLASS PERIOD.  Turn in work ONLY TO YOUR CLASS DRAWER!

v      Getting out of your Seat:

         Only by raising your hand, and asking for permission.

v      Bathroom:

         You are only allowed 5 bathroom breaks in a 9 weeks.  You may earn more bathroom passes with Table Points.

v      Dismissal:

         Answer Daily Essential Question.  DO NOT leave when the bell rings, The TEACHER will dismiss you.

v      Table REWARD Points:

         Every day your group will work to get as many POINTS as possible.  You can either EARN points or LOSE points, depending on your life skills grade and behavior.  For the group that EARNS the MOST points in a day, in a week, and/or that nine weeks, will receive rewards and perks!

Consequences for Breaking Classroom Rules and/or Procedures:

v      Behavior Demerits:  are given to INDIVIDUAL students who DO NOT follow the school and/or classroom rules and procedures.  A record of demerits will be kept by the teacher to be used in conferences with parents, other teachers, and administrators. 

1st Demerit = warning             2nd Demerit = detention and behavior conference           3rd Demerit = office referral


I have read and understand all classroom rules and procedures as stated in Mrs. Bodine’s Classroom Agreement.

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