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                                                                                                                                                                                                         First Grade  Mrs. Bolender

                                                                               January 17, 2014

 Spelling Homework:

Spelling Test week of Jan. 20th – Jan. 24th.  Practice test will be on Wednesday and the final test will be on Friday. 

                 fake         rake        shake        sale         tale

                  old            our         what          baby       bay


Reading Homework:

Please work on mastery of the high-frequency words.

High- Frequency word Test – Friday, Jan. 24th 

               door         old          find           new           work

              well          tell          same         read          right


The comprehension strategy we will be using is to

Use Fix-Up Strategies – Use strategies when you get stuck on a word.

 We will be writing the following words in our vocabulary journals.

I would like for the students to know the meaning of these words.

 mistake – A mistake happens when you make a wrong choice about something.

cloud – A cloud is moisture in the sky that we can see.

dress – To dress means to put on clothes.  When it is cool, I dress in jeans and a sweater.


We will be working on –ake  and –ale  word families.

     Ex.)     make   take   cake   bake          sale   Dale   tale    gale


 Math Homework:

Please make sure that your student does the math homework each evening, as it helps to reinforce each day’s lesson.

– Continue working on these skills

Students should be able to compare lengths of objects to the nearest inch.

Students should be able to:

Count up by 2s, starting at 0; at 10, at 16.

Count by 5s, starting at 10; at 45.

Start-and-stop count by 5s to 40 Now count by 1s to 46. For example: Count by 5s to 40. Stop. Then count by 1s from 41 to 46.

Count up and back by 1s on the number line.  Start with 0; with 8; with 15; with 19.

Count up and back by 1s on the number grid. Start with 0; with 17; with 28; with 35.

Tell the time by the hour, the half-hour, and to the nearest quarter hour

Count pennies, nickels, and dimes and making exchanges between coins and then writing the amount.

On the number grid....

Put your finger on 8. Count up 3 spaces. Where did you end up?

Put your finger on 12. Count up 7 spaces.  Where did you end up?

Put your finger on 23. Count back 12 spaces.  Where did you end up?


Make tally marks, for example: number 9; 15; 27.


Solve number stories:


Ty was keeping track of how many games of Top-It he had won.  On Monday, he played 11 games and won 6.  On Wednesday, he played 10 more games and won 4.  How many games did Ty win in all?


Mary loves to draw flowers.  She taped 10 drawings to the refrigerator and another 2 on her closet door.  How many drawings in all does Mary have on display?


Zack's puppy, Spot, weighed 2 pounds when Zack's family brought him home.  Six months later, Spot weighed 12 pounds more.  How much did Spot weigh after six months?


Which number is 1 more than 8?  1 more than 14?  1 more than 30?  1 more than 39?


Which number is 1 less than 6?  1 less than 13?

1 less than 37? 1 less than 50?


Write 8, 12, and 17.  Now circle the odd number.


Write 9, 14, and 22.  Now circle the odd number.


Write the following amounts in dollars-and-cents notation:


55 cents                                             $0.55

12 cents                                             $0.12


Writing Homework:

We are working on writing a good story using descriptive language and details.  The stories should have a definite beginning, middle, and end.   We are working on writing good sentences using capital letters at the beginning of sentences, special names, and places; and correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.  I am looking for words that the students know how to spell to be spelled consistently correct.  On all other words, the students are told to say the word and stretch it, writing all of the letters that they hear. I am seeing a lot of writing improvements. I feel all of your hard practice is helping.  It would be great practice for your child to get a notebook and write a story each evening.




We still have several students that owe $40.00 for first grade fees.


If a student is absent, he or she will need to bring an excuse note the day returning.