Mrs. Bosse's Sixth Grade Social Studies

Congratulations on your child's successful promotion to 6th grade.  I hope
your child is looking forward to an exciting year.  I am looking forward to
getting acquainted and working with you and your child to make this year a
successful year.

In 6th grade Social Studies we study ancient history.  We begin our studies
learning about prehistory. The first civilization we cover is that of Ancient
Mesopotamia. From Mesopotamia we move on to Ancient China, then to Ancient
India, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

We cover a lot of information in only a year's time.  This means we really
only get a taste of what each culture and civilization was like. Even though
we only scratch the surface, your child will come away with a general
understanding of the uniqueness of each culture and its contribution to our
society today.

We have a lot of fun in class, and we will get to do a variety of hands-
on projects throughout the year.  The first project will be to make model
Ziggurats when we study Ancient Mesopotamia.  We will make paper mache
Egyptian sarcophaguses when we study Ancient Greece.  We will try our hand at
Roman mosaics and finally we will make model castles for our Castle Fair. 
There will be a Castle Fair night in May where everyone can come and see all
the different creations the students have made. 

One of the student’s favorite activities is a field trip to the Renaissance
Festival in Apache Junction.  They get to experience first hand life during
the Renaissance.  There is jousting, falconry, glass blowing, theatre shows,
a museum of torture devices (always a favorite), and a peasant’s village just
to name a few. This trip would not be possible without the generous donation
from the White Elephant.  Please thank them when you are in there to let them
know that we appreciate all they do for our community.

This is going to be a great year for your child. Remember, if ever you have
questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Meribeth Bosse
625-3502 X 1400