Teacher Information

Name:  Mary-Beth Petit

Subject:  8th Grade Science 

School:  Mountview Middle School

Phone: 508.829.5577

E-mail address:  Marybeth_Petit@wrsd.net   (The easiest way to contact me is via e-mail.  I will do my best to respond within 24 - 48 hours)

About the Teacher:
I have been teaching science in the WRSD for 24 years. Before joining the Mountview family, I taught 6th Grade Earth Science and 8th Grade Physical Science at Chocksett Middle School in Sterling. I have my B.S. in Education from Fitchburg State College and my M.Ed. in Science Education from Lesley University.  I hold the following teaching certifications:

* General Middle School 5-9
* Middle School Science 5-8