Helpful Information for Parents


Things in place to help students succeed in science class:

1.  Supplemental Notes - copies of my class notes are posted under the "Supplemental Notes" link for all students to access.  They are also avaiable in a classroom binder.  These are helpful if students are absent and miss a discussion day in class. These are also helpful to review for a test/quiz.

2.  Class Handouts/Documents - Most classroom handouts/documents are available online as digital copies in Google Classroom.  If a student is absent or loses a handout or worksheet they will most likely find a digital copy there.  Extra paper copies can also be found in the "Extra Bin" in my classrrom.

3.  Classroom Powerpoints - Classroom Powerpoint presentations are posted on the website for all students to review.  These are helpful if a student is absent.  These are also helpful to review for a test or quiz.

4.  Extra Help Sessions - Extra Help is available every morning Monday - Friday starting at 7:40 am.  Please allow 24 hour notice if a student wishes to attend. Students should check in with the office before coming to extra help.

5.  Bonus Assignments - I do not offer extra credit, however I do offer Bonus Assignments throughtout each term.  Bonus assignments are optional assignments that students can complete to earn bonus point slips that they can use on a test/quiz of their choice.  Please encourage your child to complete bonus assignments when they are offered.

8.  "Read-To" Option for online textbook - The online i-Science textbook has a "read-aloud" option on each page.  Just click on the "purple-speaker" icon on the page and the text will be read aloud for you.

9.   Online Textbook Personal Tutor- The online i-Science textbook has "Personal Tutor" video segments that re-teach concepts taught within the classroom (students have a username and password).  The 3-5 minute segments are good to use as a review, or if students are struggling with a concept /homework assignment.

10.  Varied Assessments:  Not all students test well.  You may notice varied types of assessments being used throughout the year (activities, labs, mini-labs, projects, writing assignments, quizzes, test, etc.)  This is used to give all students the opportunity to succeed in science class.  

11.  Homework:   A quick note on homework for this year.  First, I understand family time is important so I will not assign homework over a vacation.  Second, I am trying to keep homework to a minimum this year in science class.  Homework will mostly consist of science work that students did not finish during class time.  Students work at different paces so the amount of time may vary, but should not exceed 20 minutes.  Please realize however, that if a student is not taking full potential of the time given in class, it may be more.   Students will continue to need to study for test/quizzes at home as well.  Any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.