Mrs. Petit - Grade 8 Science



June 2018 Update:

This month 8th Grade Science students will be completing a “Catapult Challenge”.  This is a great culminating activity, as it incorporates many of the physics concepts that we have explored this year.  The concepts include forces, velocity, acceleration, Newton’s Laws and more. Students will be able to work together in teams and apply these concepts to a real-world design problem. 


The Challenge -- Students will have to build a catapult that will launch a ping-pong ball and hit a target made out of colored solo cups.  Students will be scored on how close they come to the bullseye on the target.  (If the team lands in the bulls-eye, the team receives a +5 BONUS on their project grade!)  Teams will have 3 attempts, and the best out of the 3 attempts is what will be factored in as part of their score.


Research and Design - Students will have the opportunity to research the design and engineering of catapults, draw up a design concept, build a prototype and test their results, with the opportunity to modify their design based on their test results prior to the “Final Launch” day.  The final launches will take place on Monday, June 18th and Tuesday, June 19th.  Team launch dates will be drawn randomly. 


As the school year winds down I wanted to take the time to say “Congratulations” to the MTV Class of 2018! 


Grade 8 Science
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