Mrs. Browning's Fifth Grade


READING: UNIT 3  READING "Everglades"        SELECTION TEST THURSDAY  Please note that I give open book reading tests.  Our reading coordinator asks that we do this, and that we teach students how to search for information.  Since that is the age we live in, with so much information at our fingertips, this is an important skill.  It is necessary that students do not think of this as an easy way out.  The more familiar they are with the story, the easier it is to find what they are looking for so I suggest you have them read the story to you.  You can even alternate reading aloud with your child.  This week's story is an interesting one, and I hope you will read it with your child.

 ENGLISH: CUMULATIVE REVIEW:  verbs, direct objects, articles, adjectives

SPELLING  UNIT 13  infrom, ornament, disappear, pioneer, important, warmth, serious, forever, reward, appear, perfrom, force, peer, weary, pier, fortune, career, pierce, formal, enormous, cheer, forest, near, record, sort    CHALLENGE WORDS: experience, ignore, ordinary, therefore, volunteer

SOCIAL STUDIES:   CHAPTER 3 The Civil War battles

 SCIENCE: Chapter  7    rocks, minerals 

MATH:  Lessons 3-1 through 3-12   Study Guide Monday, Test Tuesday   Then studying algebra and graphing

   We take a timed multiplication quiz which is an important part of the student's grade.  Please continue to review mulitiplication facts with your child.  It is important that they know them and can answer quickly as they do their division.  I have a game that I will loan you that is so much fun.  It has great graphics, and it works wonders in reviewing mulitiplication tables.