What We Did Today

Monday, May 7

Started the day with morning assembly in the gym.

Changed class jobs today!

During our circle time, the students have an opportunity to circle letters they know in the morning message. Our messenger was absent, so Mrs. Andrade gave us a message! 😉

Our ladybugs emerged from their pupae over the weekend!! We fed them raisins and the students got to see them up close in their habitat. We will keep them for about a week, then release them. 🐞

It was a beautiful day on the Mission grounds to feed the koi fish! 

Coach Kiel has the class practicing their over hand throwing skills in PE class. They used soft balls & balloons and tried to get them over the volleyball net. 

We divided into 2 tiered math groups:
* 3’s counted ladybug spots and traced the number 3-8
* 4’s counted the ladybug spots and wrote the number 6-14

The class danced to a listen & move song and practiced: hopping, running, galloping, tip toeing and skating skills! 

We read, Little Miss Spider by Daivd Kirk and Otter in Space by Sam Garton. New vocabulary: sobbed, peered, gazing, museum. 

Thank you for all the beautiful flowers and coffee today! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents! 😊