Continuing Education

Graduate Online Learning:

Westfield State University

Technological Application in Physical Education: An exploration of computer and video technology with applications to physical education. This
course will encompass the development and production of materials as well as the evaluation of equipment and software.

Framingham State University

Hydration and Beverages: An overview of hydration including basic requirements for children and adolescents, and hydration needs for student athletes. Topics addressed in the course include: the current beverage environment; common ingredients and additives; beverage guidelines for schools; and the role of beverage marketing and beverages in the school environment.

Childhood Overweight Exploring an Epidemic: An investigation of childhood obesity for teachers, school nurses, school nutrition directors, and other school professionals concerned with this emerging issue. Participants investigate how overweight is assessed and explore data on the prevalence. Health implications of overweight children and strategies that schools are using in and out of the classroom to address this complex issue are presented. A variety of resources for schools and families are shared.

Food, Culture, and Community: An introduction to the socio-cultural aspects of food and nutrition for teachers, nutrition professionals and health educators. Using the Camphino-Bacorte Cultural Competence Model, cultural awareness, skill, knowledge, encounters, and desire are covered. Students explore their own cultural values and those of their communities and students/clients.


Crisis Prevention and Management: Completed a sixteen hour course in crises prevention and management with Behavior Management Solutions including de-escalation of events, restraints, and proper reporting of a crises.

Sexuality Education: Completed a 20-hour course in sexuality education, with Planned Parenthood, including garnering support from parents and administration, age appropriate topics and methods of presentation.