What we did this week

Week of 9/7/09

Kindergaten: We had a lot of fun this week!!! Oh no, the animals got out of the zoo!!! So, we had to help Curious George follow a map and bring back the animals. Sounds like fun? Play at home, by click here. Have a zoomazing time!

1st grade: Sight words are on our agenda this week. Students are able to match sight word by clicking here and making a match. Students are able to increase their reading comprehension if they can read their sight words. Practice at home!

2nd grade: We are still learning how to stay safe online. But this week 2nd grade started learning about MS Word. We typed our spelling words in MS Word. This week we learned about Font Color. Ask your student to type his/her spelling words at home and then ask them to change the color of the font. Great job!

3rd grade to 8th grade: In today's technology world, communication and collaboration is important. We took time from our classroom to listen to President Obama's Address to students. Students then had the opportunity to blog about it (4th grade and under used MS Word). To see what your student thought about President Obama's address, goto their blog at gaggle.net. Each student has a log in address and password!

Click here to see President Obama's address:

Week of 9/1/09

Kindergarten: Welcome kindergarten. This week we are getting used to our mouse skills. Curious George is helping us click point and move! Click here to make a monkey face

1st Grade: We are writing our own chica chika boom boom tree. First we watch the video and then we go into kids pix and make our own tree! Chica chica boom boom what letter will you see?

2nd Grade: We are learning to be Cyber Smart and stay safe online. Click here to learn about staying safe online 2nd grade then used KidsPix to make Cyber Smart Posters.

3rd and 4th Grade: And we are off!!!! Get ready to do some keyboarding. We are using Dance Mat typing to learn our keyboarding skills. Click on Me to learn how to type This week we learned the home row and keys E and I. Great job and you can practice at home!

5th through 8th Grade. We are blogging. Students are able to share about their school experience and blog. Students will be reading each other's blogs and commenting on them. Each student has their own user name and password. To log in, click here!

Its great to be back!