Ms. Krieger/Mrs. Cassidy Grade 4

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We did a wonderful job at first Friday mass. I was very proud. This week is our last full week and we will be learning a lot. In Science we are starting magnets. We are learning about addition of three digit numbers in math. For Social Studies we are starting to learn about economics, products, and factories. In reading we are going to do a mini unit based on the stories of The Three Little Pigs. No more spelling lists.


MONDAY (6/6/2011):-Math workbook p. 137 -SS workbook p. 65

TUESDAY (6/7): -Math workbook p. 138 -Grammar p. 58

WEDNESDAY (6/8): -Math workbook p. 139 -Grammar p. 59

THURSDAY (6/9): -Math workbook p. 140 -Science workbook p. 307-308

FRIDAY (6/10): -No homework