Mrs. McBride's Class


Research Paper InformationStep 1: Choose a topic and present topic proposalDue: 1-22-10 (Friday, January 22, 2010)Choose only the options on the following page/pages.  The topic proposal can be found in this packet.  20 pts.  Step 2: Thesis StatementDue: 1-29-10 (Friday, January 29, 2010)We will go over examples in class.  The handout will also help you write a great thesis statement.  20 pts. Step 3: Choose resource materials; begin researchDue: 2-5-10 (Friday, February 5, 2010)This is when you go to the library, search the internet, interview survivors, etc. in order to gather information needed to write your paper.  If you can’t check the material from the library, make copies.  Make sure you write the name of the book (magazine, article etc.), date the information was written, place of publication, publisher, entire website address, and so on.  This paper could be a pain if you don’t write the sources. So, what do you bring to school on February 5? Bring a list of the sources, copies of articles, books, and/or any other source used.  I simply want to see what you are using.  20 pts. Step 4: OutlineDue: 3-5-10 (Friday, March 5, 2010)We have gone over outlines in class, but we will go over the information again.  Please refer to the packet for an example.  I would suggest starting with the whos, moving on to the whats, whens, wheres, etc.  20 pts.  Step 5: Note cards Due: 3-12-10 (Friday, March 12, 2009)I am not going to count the amount of note cards.  However, note cards should be done to help write your paper.  If you find an important point or important quotation in a book, write the point on a note card.  Simple.  In order to successfully complete my paper, I need to know Sponge Bob’s birthday.  I will read the biography on Sponge Bob. So, on one side of the note card I will write his birthday, and on the other side I will write where I found his birthday.  Your note cards should follow your outline.  . 20 pts.  Step 6: Rough Draft Due: 3-26-10 (Friday, March 26, 2010) 20 pts.  Step 7: Bibliography page Due: 3-26-10 (Friday, March 26, 2010)This page is where you cite all of the sources you used.  You have already completed a bibliography page for your American Revolution paper.  20 pts.  Step 8: Final Draft and Complete PacketDue: 5-7-10 (Friday, May 7, 2010)You will need to turn in your final draft, typed, double spaced, 12pt. font, MLA like format. It does not have to be in exact MLA format, but close to the format.   MLA format is used for English papers, not history papers.  This is technically a history paper, but MLA format is what you will learn first.  APA and other styles of formatting will be introduced when you are much older.  50 pts.