Algebra 2 Daily Activities and Homework

Daily Activities For the 4th Quarter

3-10(B) / 3-11(A): 1. Went over page 5 in ACT Review Packet. 2. If you had to make up the Chapter 7 test, you did so in Math Lab. 3. How and when are radicals used in real life example. 4. Section 9.1 Notepacket

3-12(B) / 3-11(A): 1. Quick timetables of of 1-10 to be written on your whiteboard for reference throughout the class. You must remember each of these values or be able to figure them out quickly on your own. Go over homework from last class. Start the section 9.2 packet. 



Homework For The 4th Quarter

3-10(B) / 3-11(A): Section 9.1 Page 485 #9-24 All

3-12(B) / 3-13(A): Complete the rest of the packet that is not finished in class.