January 28

Monday:    Writing and graphing equations in point-slope form

                    Assignment:  WS 5.7 front and back             

Tuesday:    Investigate characteristics of parallel and perpendicular lines

                     Assignment:  WS 5.8 front and back

 Wednesday: Describe how changing the slope and y intercept effect a graph

                      Assignment: Worksheet 5.9 and work odd numbers on the review at the end of Chapter 5.

Thursday:   Take test over Chapter 5 information - Linear Equations

Friday:         Solve systems of linear equations by graphing

                      Assignment:  Reading Strategies/problem solving 6-1


February 19-22

Tuesdasy - Solve systems by substitution

Wednesday - Solve systems by substitution continued

Thursday - Solve systems by elimination

                   Quiz over solving by  substitution

Friday - Solve systems by elimination continued


February 25-March 1

Monday - Complete packet on elimination method

Tuesday - Review for EOC benchmark

Wednesday- EOC benchmark

Thursday - EOC benchmark

Friday - Solve a business problem using systems of equations  (in class)


March 4-8  Periods 1,3,4,8

Monday-  Graph linear inequalities and review for test

               Review:  page 434  2-16 even; 17-19

Tuesday - Test over systems of linear equations

Wednesday - Discover and apply integer exponent rules

Thursday - Apply exponent rules for multiplicaton and division

Friday -

March 4-8 Period 5

Monday - Solving systems of equations by elimination

                Complete problems 1-10

Tuesday - Quiz over homework

                 Application problems using elimination

Wednesday - Review for Chapter 6 Test

Thursday - Chapter 5 Test

Friday -


March 18-22

Monday - Review simplyifing with exponents

               Complete 7-1 C and Problem Solving

Tuesday - Quiz over 7-1

                Multiplying with exponents

                Complete 7-3B and Application Problems

Wednesday - Dividing with exponents

                 Complete 7-4B and Application Problems

Thursday - Quiz over 7-3/7-4

                  Classify polynomials

                   Complete 7-5C and application problems

Friday - Adding and subtracting polynomials

              Complete practice problems