E1H Pre AP Supply List



McDermott school_supplies.jpg

Supply List     

§  A red spiral notebook

§  1-inch red 3 ring binder (and white college-ruled paper) with dividers and tabs (Classwork, Notes, Vocabulary, Writing, and Handouts)

§  Two pencils—you will need these for FCAT practice

§  Black or blue pen (NO rainbow colors)

§  Colored pencils

§  Highlighters

§  Notebook paper

§  Some sort of planner/agenda

§  A flash drive (we will be working in the computer lab frequently – a flash drive will enable you to save your work.  If you don’t have a flash drive, you will have to print out your work and retype it at home.)

§  A book cover (may use brown paper bag)

§  A box of tissues*  

§  Hand sanitizer*