Info and Homework

Welcome to Ms.Mcs' page!Wink

Below is the weekly homework schedule. Take a look!

Monday- Write down your favorite season. Math worksheet.

Tuesday- Write 5 sentences about your favorite season. Spelling sheet.

Wednesday- Get a picture of your favorite season. Read for 15 minutes.

Thursday- Map of U.S. with worksheet.

Friday- U.S. geography worksheet. (hand in WQ if completed)

All of my homework assignments will be updated frequently, if there is any daily schedule change.

This week:

This week we will be talking about our Favorite Seasons YARC book, and be learning about the geography of the U.S. We will also be going on the trip to the Backyard Bungalow. There we will learn about bugs, nature, and wildlife. So get to bed early and eat a healthy breakfast because this is going to be an awesome week!

Each week I will be posting a NEW and more DIFFICULT question. If you answer it correctly you get a ticket for the Mc Store! WQ stands for weekly question.

WQ: What is the name of the "Sunshine State?"

(Hint: this state is in the South and is a popular vacation destination!)