Project Directions

PLANET PROJECT     -     WILL BE UPDATED WITHIN A FEW DAYS                          DUE:    Tuesday, March 4th



















TIMELINE PROJECT     -    Due:    Friday   11/15




  1. Choose a famous individual.   The person may be an individual we discussed in class, someone from history, or a currently famous person.   Examples include former or current presidents, musicians, political figures, artists, and scientists (other options are available).
  2. The timeline must consist of ten boxes (as shown above) and should be done on either construction paper or poster board.
  3. Each box must be labeled with a year and continue chronologically. (in order).
  4. Each box should include a picture or drawing as well as 2 sentences that describe a major event that happened in that year.   Examples could include birth, attending school, and graduation from school, release of first album, etc.
  5. Each timeline is due no later than  Friday   11/15.   Any timelines received after this date will have one letter grade deducted.
  6. Timelines will be graded on accuracy, grammar, and neatness.   The rubric is listed on the back of this paper.
  7. Information can be found on the internet, from the library, or classroom materials.   Please let me know if you need assistance in picking a person or obtaining materials.  












Science Project  -  Due: 10/11

Make a 3 dimensional model of the Earth's layers.   Be creative.  You can use clay, playdough, paper mache, or any other material you want.  Label each part.  Neatness counts.  


You must also hand in an index card or paper that lists the steps you used to create your project.   The steps must be in the proper sequence.   Use some of the time-order words that we are learning in class (ex: First, Next, After that, Finally,).


diagram of the earth's interior



Here are some links to help with ideas.   You do not have to do one of these; however it must be 3-dimensional (not flat).

If you are interested in paper mache,  this may be a helpful link:

There are even how-to videos


Here are directions on how to do an edible earth project:


Grading Rubric



Name __________________________________ Class 106                             Due 10/11  





Grading Rubric











Total points



Parts of the Earth


All layers   included

2 layers included

1 layers included





All items spelled correctly

Most items spelled correctly

Few items spelled correctly





All layers labeled accurately

2 layers labeled accurately.

1 layer labeled correctly





Obviously proportional.

Somewhat  proportional

Not proportional.




Use of Color

4 distinct colors for layers

3 colors visible for layers

2 or fewer distinct color layers




Description of steps

All steps written neatly

Most steps written

Few or no steps written.




Neat/Pride in work shows

Neat, pride in work obvious

Somewhat neat, with some pride in work

Pride in work not obvious







3 Dimensional

Submitted by 10/11

Put name on project

















                                                                        Grade                                                            ______







Sound Source Project - Due: TBA



Students should make a poster that displays at least 10 items that produce sound.   They may be drawn, printed from a computer, or cut from a magazine.   Each item must be labeled, stating what sound is being produced.  We have done a mini-version of this project in school last week.   Points will be deducted for lateness as well as spelling.


Social Studies Project - Due: TBA

Students should create a timeline.   The timeline can be based on their life, the life of someone from their family, or of another person that they find interesting.   The timeline must be on posterboard or large construction paper.  There should be at least 10 dates listed.    A picture and short description should be included for each date.   A rubric is provided on the back of the direction sheet that outlines how the project will be graded.  This includes following the project directions, being on time, neatness,  and accuracy.  Please contact me with any questions.



Social Studies / Writing Project -   due on Tuesday 9/17


Students complete the "All About Me" paper about themselves that was given in class on Tuesday 9/9.   Each section should be complete.   All writing should be neat with attention given to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammer.   Be sure to color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils to make your newspaper more attractive.  Points will be deducted for lateness.