Spelling & Vocabulary Lists





27                   Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night you will choose one activity for spelling homework for a total of three activities each week.  The three activities that you choose must be in a row.  The row may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.  On Thursday night your homework is to study for Friday’s spelling test.  Spelling homework is to be turned in on Friday attached to this sheet.  Dictionaries and thesauruses can be borrowed from school if you do not have them at home.

Write an advertisement or television commercial using 10 of your spelling words.  Send in the written advertisement / commercial in on Friday.

Write your spelling words in reverse alphabetical order.  Example

  1. Zoo
  2. Yellow
  3. Purple
  4. Cow

      5.   Awake

Using 8 of your spelling words.  Write a sentence for each and a draw a picture to illustrate your sentence.  Underline the spelling word. There must be at least seven words in a sentence. Use correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Underline the spelling word. Do NOT start any sentences with  an “A” or “The”























Flower Power Spelling


Draw a flower garden picture.  Put 1 spelling word on each petal or flower.


Be creative!


Create your own secret code on a piece of paper use 1 symbol for each letter of the alphabet.  Then, use your code to write each of your spelling words.

Nascar Spelling


Draw a race track with cars.  Put 1 spelling word on each car.


Be creative!

       Choose 5 of your spelling words to

       create an acrostic poem.   You must       

          complete 5 separate poems !



Funny clown

Under the tree

Needs a nap


Write you spelling words and add up how much they are worth.  Consonants are worth 5 and vowels are worth 7.


Told = 5+7+5+5=22


Using index cards write 10 of your spelling words on one side of the card and draw a picture to illustrate the word on the flip side.  Turn the cards in on Friday.






Choose three activities to complete by Friday.



  1. Make up a story that uses ten or more of your spelling words.   Underline your spelling words in the story.  The story should have a beginning, middle, and end.   Check your capitalization and punctuation.
  2. Write each of your spelling words three times.  You can write them in cursive, lower case, and all capital letters.   Then spell your words aloud without looking at the words.   This is a great way to study your words.

      3.    Flower Power Spelling - Draw a flower garden picture.  Put 1 spelling word on eachpetal or flower.  Be creative!

  1.  Get a super ball or basketball, or anything else that bounces and bounce out your words.   Bounce out each word two times.   If you miss a bounce, you have to start the word all over again.   Please have an adult sign this paper to show you have completed this choice.  
  2. Put your words in alphabetical order from A-Z     as well as    Z-A     You must do both !

1.  names                        2.   named                        3.  naming

4.  hopes                        5.  hoped                        6.  hoping

7.  dances                        8.   danced                        9.  dancing

10.  drops                        11.   dropped                        12.   dropping

13.  wraps                        14.   wrapped                        15.  wrapping

16.  hugs                        17.  hugged                        18.  hugging

19.  trades                        20.   traded                        #trading