McGavock Freshmen

Welcome to McGavock High School’s
Ninth Grade Academy!!!

     Welcome to McGavock High School, where the Raiders reign supreme! McGavock High School built in 1971, was the first truly comprehensive high school in the Nashville, Tennessee area. McGavock has a legacy of excellence and currently holds the title of the largest high school in the state of Tennessee. Recently, McGavock has transitioned into the spotlight while premiering small learning communities. Your student will be an active participant in this new venture. As an incoming freshman your student will become a part of our Ninth Grade Academy!!! The Ninth Grade Academy is designed to assist with the middle school to high school transition by presenting a smaller cohesive environment for the students to work within. Each student will be assigned to a Team A, B, C, or D where they will be designated to a principal, counselor, and a fantastic team of teachers. The Ninth Grade Academy is dedicated to the success of your student. We welcome you!

School Supply Checklist

Ø      2”-3” binder (any color)

Ø      5 dividers with pockets

Ø      College-ruled notebook paper

Ø      Pencils/pens/erasers

Ø      1 pack of colored pencils

Ø      Graph Paper

Ø      1 steno notebook

 Standard School Attire

Ø      Any Color Solid Polo or Collared Shirt. (must not have writing)

Ø      Boys:  Black, Navy, or Khaki Pants or Shorts.

Ø      Girls:  Black, Navy, or Khaki pants, skirts, shorts, or Capri's.

                             Red Team Website-

                          Blue Team Website-

                             White Team Website-

                             Silver Team Website-

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Meet the Team


Teams A-Blue & B-Red

Ninth Grade Academy Assistant Principal-Kodi Kimmell

McGavock’s Ninth Grade Academy’s illustrious leader Kodi Kimmell has been in the educational field for 19 years, and a McGavock Raider for 6 years!! Mr. Kimmell received his Masters of Education in Principalship at Tennessee State University; and has fulfilled the role of an Assistant Principal for 2 years. He is committed to ensuring that every student begins their High School educational journey well prepared for not only educational success but lifetime achievement.

Phone: 615-885-8850 ext. 370



      Ninth Grade Academy School Counselor-Tiffany Littlejohn

It will be my absolute pleasure to service your students as their Freshman Academy school counselor this 2009/2010 school year. It is my charge to ensure that students are able to adapt and excel socially, educationally, and emotionally. Assisting me in this endeavor are my educational achievements including a Masters of Science degree in School Counseling; as well as an Education Specialist degree in Instructional Leadership. I am committed to going above and beyond while realizing the extreme potential of every student. I look forward to working toward the pursuit of excellence this school year!

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Phone: 615-885-8850 ext. 316


      Ninth Grade Secretary-Eula Thomas

      Phone: 615-885-8850 ext 371


Team A Teachers- Blue Team

Jia Barr (English) - Ext. 253

      Amanda Jernigan (Mathematics) - Ext. 254

      Reva Cowan (Science) - Ext. 255

      Wynn Hodge (Social Studies) - Ext. 252

      Frances Mallard (Freshman Seminar) - Ext. 256

David Alouch (Special Education Inclusion Teacher)

Team B Teachers-Red Team

       Sara Spanos (English) - Ext. 248

       Jon Nelson (Mathematics) - Ext. 251

       Shunna McBroom (Science) - Ext. 247

       Charles Bahan (Social Studies) - Ext. 245

       Lauren Roberson (Freshman Seminar) - Ext. 285

       Kenneth Martin (Special Education Inclusion Teacher)


Teams C-White & D-Silver


        Ninth Grade Academy Assistant Principal-Bruce Jackson


Mr. Bruce Jackson has been an educator with Metro Nashville Public Schools for nine years.   He has a Bachelors of Science in Political Science with a concentration in Secondary Education, from Tennessee State University and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University.  Mr. Jackson is married and has two beautiful daughters.

Mr. Jackson believes that all children can learn.  His motto for the 2009-2010 Academic Year is “Your Choices Impact Your Destiny, Your Destiny is in your hands.”

Phone: 615-885-8850 ext. 373


          Ninth Grade Academy School Counselor-Shemeka Rush

Mrs. Rush has been a School Counselor in Metro Nashville Public Schools for 13 years.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Social Work.  Masters in School Counseling Pre-K-12,  Ed.S in Educational Administration and Supervision K-12, and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  Mrs. Rush is married with two wonderful children.

 Mrs. Rush would like you to:

Ask4Guidance:  We're Here to Help Students P.A.S.S.!"

Prepare to Acquire the Skills for Success

    Phone: 615-885-8850 ext. 361


          Ninth Grade Secretary-Kim Fields

          Phone: 615-885-8850 ext 374


        Team C Teachers- White Team

        Allie Anderson-English – ext. 244

        Velvet Ezell- Algebra- ext. 232

        Layla Fox- World Geography- ext. 241

        Tiffany Payne- Physical Science-ext .249

        Lamarius Merriweather- Freshmen Seminar- ext.240 

        Team D Teachers-Silver Team

        Amy Skinner— English ext. 239

        Michelle Taylor—Algebra  ext. 236

        Robert Gecewich- World Geography  ext.  237

        Stephen Berry —Physical Science ext.  243

        Paul Childress—Freshmen Seminar ext.  235


       Collaborative Teachers

       Nae’Shara Neal (Advanced Science) - Ext. 246

      Nicholas Caminiti (Advanced Mathematics) - Ext. 257

       Lindsay Miller (Spanish) - Ext. 262

       Dorlisa Dismuke (Advanced Mathematics) - Ext. 259