7A Geo/History (3rd)

Sept 17th.

We have looked at four different landform areas of Canada so far.  On Monday, we looked at the western cordillera and the interior plains.  Today we looked at the Canadian shield and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence lowlands.  Students are strongly encouraged to review this material for a few minutes over the coming days.


Sept 16th.

Today we started looking at Canada as a nation of regions.  We looked at the western cordillera and the interior plains.  Students should review these notes tonight in preperation for class tomorrow.

Sept 10th.

We reviewed the provinces today and filled in a basic map of the world with continents oceans, Prime Meridian and Equator. We also quickly looked at the International Date Line and why its shape is so different that its counterpart the Prime Meridian.

Here are the links to the maps we have used.

Map of Provinces

World Map


Sept 9th.

Students filled in a map of Canada.  We looked at provinces and capitals today. Students have been asked to review the provinces and their capitals.


Sept 4th,


Gym class tomorrow.  Please bring an appriopriate change of clothes.