Mrs. McGuire's Class Newsletter

March 29-April 2


 1st grade: cow, now, down, town, brown, show, row, low, anemometer

The sentences will be:

Will you take the brown cow to town?

Now show me how to row.

Kindergarten: at, cat, hat, bat, has, flat

The sentence will be:

The cat has a hat. 


We are beginning a new math unit on patterns.  Attached to this newsletter is a letter detailing some activities you can do at home to help your child work on these math skills.  Keep these ideas on your refrigerator for the next few weeks as we work on them in class. 


This week we will continue revising and publishing our work in the computer lab.  

T-Pro Testing:

We are completing the spring portion of the T-Pro test this week.  Students will practice today and take the test tomorrow and Wednesday.  It is important for all students to attend on school on these days for testing. 


This week we will focus on the wind.  We will use an anemometer to measure wind speed as well as a wind chart.  We will use a wind vane to measure wind direction.  If the weather cooperates, we may even use the wind to move bubbles and kites! 

Super Spellers:

114%- Bre’Anna

112%- Jania

111%- Santoria, Isabel, Makiah

104%- Tevian, Samantha

102%- Nevaeh

101%- Jaa’Lyne, Naudia