Expectations- Hw 1

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Miss. Charles' english I class. Below are my expectations I have for this class. Please have you and your parents read them. If you have any questions you can email me at mcharles@hotmail.com. Please have you and your parents sign on the bottom so I know that they have read and understand everything on this page. Thanks!

1. No chewing gum.

2. You must complete your homework everyday. If you do not you will have to go to the homework lab that night or the next night.

3. You must have a 3 ring binder with at least 4 dividers, and a 1 subject notebook.

4. All school rules in the student handbook aply in this classroom.

5. Being late is not okay for class you must be in your seats by the second bell.

6. Make this classroom fun. If you do all of your work and are listening to what I am teaching this class will be a lot of fun and you will most likely enjoy it.


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