Mrs. Chinchilla's 4th Grade

Welcome to Room 26!

1.7 Spelling and Vocabulary WordsReviewing Long Vowel Sounds1)    chamber2)   steel3)   swallow4)   brain5)   neighbor6)   erase7)   seaweed8)   donkey9)   shriek10) cobra11)  bulldozer12) shadow13) dynamite14) style15) spite16) maze17) floating18) freedom19) creature20) least *Vocabulary Words- Students need to know how to spell and define them* comfortable, overlapping, plunged, hurtled Students are expected to complete daily, in class, spelling practices in order to earn the privilege of recess.You and your student can decide how much extra studying needs to be done at home.Please ask your student to share with you their spelling words, and share the spelling practice menu we now use in class.