De la maestra/ De la professeur

Hola/ Bonjour!

I'm so glad you have found my website!  I moved to Hawthorne in January 2007 to start a foreign lanuage program.  I have enjoyed my time here, and am looking forward to the future of both the school and the community.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave me a note on my web page or email me!

Why I became a teacher:  That seems to be a favorite question to ask teachers: why?  One, I had wonderful experiences in school learning a foreign language, and I wanted to pass that on to a new generation.  Also, adolecents are truly unique.  (Parents- I'm sure you know this very well!)  They possess interesing perspectives and will question things that adults often take for granted. 

 Un poco de yo/ Un peu d'info de moi

(A little about me) Wink


Food:  Chocolate/ Spaghetti

Subject: French and Spanish (of course!) but I also enjoy learning about history or psychology.

Book:  Chicken Soup for the Soul series/ anything by Elisabeth Elliot

Free time Activity:  Reading, playing flute or piano, walking/ running, spending time with friends

Sport to watch: Football (GO Wolverines!!!)                Running and gymnastics  Gymnast clipart


My Contact Information

Prep Period: 

775/ 945/ 3332