General Procedures/ Expectations

Foreign Language
Miss Spencer, room 8

It is better to fail while trying, rather than failing to try.

Bienvenidos/ Bienvenue/ Willkommen

Welcome!  I am thrilled that you have decided to learn a foreign language.  We will learn the fundamentals of language and culture.  If at any point you feel confused or are not understanding anything, please speak up!  The longer you wait to say something, the harder it will be for you to catch up and be successful in class.

A Day in the Life....

Materials- You will need to have a three ring binder and 5 dividers for your classwork.  I     have some of these material available, please ask if you need help locating     these. In the next nine months you will be given a great deal of information- the     more organized you are, the easier it will be.
    You are expected to bring your binder, book, and pen/ pencil on a daily basis.      Also, when you leave, so does your personal belongings.  My classroom is not a     locker. 

Forbidden Items-

    Cell phones/ Electronic goodies-  I do not want to see (or hear) your cell phone,     ipod or any other electronic play toys in class.  If I see it, I will take it and it will     be sent to the office.  If you need to know the time, ask. 
    Food/ Drinks- Unless it’s given to you in the classroom, you may not bring it in.  I     have no problems continuing with Spanish candies after class, but I am     expecting that you act like young adults.  If a problem begins in ANY class, they     will only be available after school.


Bathroom passes- In your welcome goody bag, you were given 3 bathroom passes to     last to the for the quarter.  It is your responsibility to use them wisely, for once     there gone you may not leave the room.  If you do not use the passes, then at     mid-term/ finals they can be turned in for 3 extra credit points a per pass.

Homework/ Late work- Homework is due on the day it is assigned.  Late work will not be     accepted without an excused absence.  If you are absent you have as many     days     as you were gone to get the work in. Check the work folder and calendar     to see what you missed.  Assignments are also available on the website.      A note     on projects- you should be prepared the moment you walk in the door to hand     me your project or present your speech.  Projects may be turned in late, with     25% taken off per day late.

Expectations-- All you need to know for a successful year!

You need to be in class regularly.  You can’t learn if you’re not here.
You need to be in the room when the bell rings.
Please treat every person in this room with the same respect you would like to receive.  Also, if an item is not your belonging, then it is not yours to destroy. 
You need to participate regularly.  Learning a foreign language is hard work.  However the more you practice, the better it will become and the more proficient you will be. 

Grading--  Papers will be handed back on a regular basis, I suggest you keep them in     your binder in case I make a mistake on grading.  You will receive a grade sheet     each Monday updated with your assignments.  If there is a problem, highlight it,     then staple the assignment to the back and turn it in.

    96-100 A    90-95 A-    87-89 B+      83-86 B    80-82 B-

    77-79 C+    73-76 C    70-72 C-    67-69 D+    63-66 D

    60-62 D-    59 and below F

If you are struggling, first of all, please speak up.  I am available most days after school for tutoring or just to be a Spanish speaker present while you do you homework.  Further, you are welcome to do work from other classes in my room after school if it will help.  Second, there will be many opportunities to earn extra credit, so be watchful for those.

Concluding thoughts-    

I hope you will find that while learning a foreign language is a great deal of work, it also can be a lot of fun.  Finally this is your class, so if you have thoughts or ideas that could help make class better, please mention it.  This is your learning experience, and I want for you to get the most out of it as possible.


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