Classroom Resources

Here are some resources that can help my students and their families at home or even in school:

Brain POP

This site can help you with studying and learning more about the topics we cover in class. We may even show a few videos and play a few games from this site in class! Might be used for homework as well.

Cool Math Games

Cool Math allows students to find fun when working with mathematics and number sequencing. A big focus when in school is the reading and mathematics, and when there's a way to make it fun, it's even easier to learn!

Here are some resources great for parents:

This is the site of The Positive Engagement Project, a non-profit focused on equipping parents and even teachers with tools to help students become positively engaged in active learning.

The Measured Mom

This blog, created by a teacher with a background in curriculum and instruction, offers articles, hands-on lessons, and hundreds of printables for teachers and parents.