Period 1-Sophomores: Modern World/American Nationhood (H)

9/6/13--It was a pleasure to meet you today.  I will not see you on Monday.  You have two homework assignments:  1 -- get your binder and tabs for Tuesday's class AND 2--complete the two sheets that I gave you as review (I even gave you wordbanks).  Thanks, and happy weekend.

9/10/13--Study what we went over today in class -- from the review sheets -- because when we are finished there will be a quiz.  I also gave out a map today that you worked on while I was checking binders and homework.  This too we will work on tomorrow.  Thanks.

9/11/13--Quiz tomorrow on the three review sheets.  Study.  Thanks.

9/16/13--Sorry for missing posts, but I am having problems with the site while at school.  Today we had a world map quiz.  We began the age of Absolutism.  Your homework is the one-page reading with questions which is due tomorrow.  Thanks.    9/17/13 (sorry, but I can't get this to return!)  You had a handout for homework.  Do both sides.  It is needed for tomorrow's (Wednesday's) class). 

9/18/13--Quiz on Absolutism on Friday.  Study the handout on France and the notes from the Power Point presentation on Russia.  Thanks.

9/20/13--Homework is to take today's Boston Globe, page A3, and to read ALL 7 stories (they are very short stories).  On paper, do the following:  1--write the title of the article; 2--identify the country and continent where the story takes place; and, 3--in your OWN words, summarize the story.  This is due on Thursday.  Also, there will be a test --Friday, I expect at the earliest--so, please review all that we are doing on Absolutism.  Happy weekend!

9/24/13--There will be a test on all of Absolutism on Friday -- study, study, study.  Also, you have the Boston Globe assignment as noted above which is due on Thursday.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                             9/27/13--  Today we had a test on Absolutism.  I gave you homework which will be due on Wednesday.  It is to read the handout on The Enlightenment and to then identify the 10 terms.  There are very important terms, so I want lengthy answers with proper spelling and grammar.  Again, due Wednesday -- not to be late.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  10/1/13--Yesterday we went over the test that you took on Friday.  And, everyone knows their current grade.  Homework is to read the handout as noted above and to identify in-depthly the 10 terms.  This is due on Wednesday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10/3/13--Today we continued with notes on the Enlightenment.  I returned yesterday's homework and started to grade your binders.  Progress reports went in today and everyone knows their status in my class.  We then did skits involving with the philosophes.  Tonight's homework is to read the section 3 handout which continues with the Enlightenment.  Tomorrow in class you will have an open-notes quiz on the Enlightenment.  However, this does NOT mean that you don't need to study.  There will be a 15 minute time limit on the quiz, so make sure you know where your notes are and re-read them tonight.  Tuesday will begin our work with HPIE, fyi.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10/8/13--Today, Tuesday, HPIE was here.  And, you were terrific participants -- thanks.  They gave you permission slips to have signed by your parents and they also gave you the binder with the various briefs.  Your homework is to read brief 1 and to answer the questions at the end on page 7.  Use your best grammar and spelling -- HPIE will be grading these.  These will be due on next Tuesday when we see HPIE next.  Back to the French Revolution -- tomorrow, Wednesday, I will collect the homework that I gave you on Friday and we will continue with the French Revolution.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10/10/13--We are working on the events of the French Revolution.  You have a double-sided reading and a double-sided questions sheet that must be completed and turned in for homework on Wednesday.  You already have HPIE homework which is due on Tuesday -- you can't be late with this.  HPIE is here on Tuesday.  Thanks, happy weekend, and any left over time is to be devoted to reviewing class notes as you know there is always a quiz on test on the horizon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            10/16/13--HPIE was here yesterday and they assigned brief 2 as homework -- read it and respond to the questions at the end of the brief.  This is due on Tuesday.  Today, we reviewed the seven events of the 1789 beginning of the French Revolution.  We watched some of the documentary on it because I handed out a French Revolution newspaper assignment.  You will have most of Friday's class to work on this.  You are to work in teams of two -- or identify with me in person what your alternative is.  This is also due on Tuesday.  There will be no other homework so you can get this done.  Also, simultaneously you are studying the seven events in chronological order so you can take a quiz quiz on these on Tuesday.  In addition to knowing those dates, you must know the four stages of the French Revolution.  So, on Tuesday, to recap:  1--HPIE homework is due; 2--French Revolution newspaper is due (you will have time in class to work on this so use that time wisely); and 3--you will take a brief quiz identifying the seven 1789 events AND the four stages of the Revolution.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10/21/13--Today in class you continued to work on your newspapers.  Remember:  on Tuesday 1--HPIE homework is due; 2--you will take a 50 point quiz on the FR; and 3--you will turn in the FR newspaper you are working on.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10/24/13--Homework from Tuesday was "The Moderate Phase Continues."  This handout needs to be completed in its entirety as we will go over it in class on Friday.  You still have the HPIE homework which will be due for Harvard on Tuesday.  I am expecting to give you a TEST on the Revolution to-date next Thursday.  Any free time should be spent studying the handouts and completing the review sheet which will also be due on Thursday before the test.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10/25/13--I gave back the newsletters today.  We worked on the moderate phase of the FR and I gave you homework for the radical phase.  Complete the handout in its entirety so we can work on it on Monday.  We will be finishing up this portion of the FR on Monday and on Thursday you will have a test on what we have done so far -- I will give you a review sheet to study.  Tuesday -- have the HPIE homework ready to turn in.  Remember, grades go in on Friday -- get all of your work done and turned in on time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                10/29/31--HPIE homework was collected today and HPIE led the class.  Your next HPIE homework, brief 4, questions at the end, will be due on Friday, November 8th.  Your homework is to study for Thursday's test.  This will be the last grade for your quarter 1 grade.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             11/1/13--Happy November!  Tests were graded and returned with BOTH the test grade and your quarter one report card grade.  There should be no surprises on your report card for your history class.  No homework this weekend as I load in the grades.  But, you do already have the assigned HPIE reading, brief 4.  This is due next Friday when Harvard will be teaching.  I will be out for a doctor's appointment on Monday.  I left instructions on the whiteboard.  You MUST leave work in the class as this will be a participation grade.  And, I also left a history homework, Creating an Empire, which will be due on Wednesday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             11/8/13--Happy Veteran's Day -- do thank a Veteran this weekend (or anyday)!  Sorry for lack of posting.  HPIE was in class today (Friday) so I collected HPIE brief 4 homework.  I gave you a study guide for the Napoleonic Era as there will be a learning celebration (test) next week!  Homework for this is to complete as many of the terms as we have already discussed -- this is due on Wednesday.  Start reading HPIE brief 5 and answering the questions at the end -- this will be due next week.  Enjoy the long weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11/13/13--I collected the Napoleon review sheets as this was a homework assignment.  I will grade these and get them back to you tomorrow (Thursday).  I also showed everyone their current grades.  HPIE brief #5 is due tomorrow as HPIE will be here in the morning.  We will then continue our work on Napoleon as you will have a test on Friday.  I will have a sub here on Friday as I am going to James Madison's home in Virginia to learn more about the U.S. Constitution (I am excited).  Stay tuned for weekend homework.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              11/14/13--Tonight's homework is to complete and study your Napoleon guide.  Tomorrow, Friday, you will have a test.  You may use the guide for the test.  I will be at James Madison's home in Virginia, so you will have a sub.  Your homework is to read HPIE brief 6 (final one) and to answer the questions.  This will be due on Tuesday.  I also gave you the field trip forms for HPIE Day which is Friday, December 6th.  Please get ALL classes to sign-off on these AND your parent or guardian.  I will need these as soon as possible.  Happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           11/19/13--Today you had a class assembly, so HPIE could not come to class.  After the assembly, we graded together your tests (the multiple choice and matching sections).  I had already graded the open-response section which you saw.  The HPIE brief 6 homework is now due tomorrow and we will begin the Industial Revolution in the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11/21/13--We began capitalism and division of labor/interchangeable parts, etc.  Tonight's homework is to take the two-sided handout on Socialism and Karl Marx and to do a timeline (you don't actually need the line, but do list the events in date order).  This is due on Monday.  Happy weekend to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11/26/13--HPIE was here today to finish up their in-class work.  Now we need to get ready to go to Harvard on Friday, December 6th.  You MUST return the field trip forms to me by tomorrow.  You have had these for over a week.  This will be a homework grade.  Again, I need to have them on Wednesday.  I gave you the prompt for the project that is connected to Harvard that will be a 100 POINT TEST GRADE.  This will be due to me no later than Wednesday, December 4th.  You have tonight and the rest of the weekend to work on it.  I collected the homework from last night which was the review to Socialism.  I will be grading that and getting it back to you by tomorrow, Wednesday.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be making pancakes in class.  Two of you will be bringing your griddles and I already have mine here in school.  I have the pancake mix, syrup and butter already.  While we are making pancakes we will be reviewing Europe to 1870.  Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you.  I am grateful for each of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   12/2/13--Welcome back!  I need your Harvard field trip forms ASAP -- you have had these for a couple of weeks and it is only fair to my fellow teachers that they have as much warning as possible about you being out.  Please get them to me by tomorrow, Wednesday.  Also, Wednesday, I will not be seeing you because it is a late start for you.  However, as I told you, your HPIE project is due to me tomorrow -- find me please even though we don't have class.  If it is late I will need to take points off.  I must get these graded before we bring them to Harvard on Friday.  Finally, I gave you a review sheet for the Industrial Revolution/capitalism, socialism, communism/Europe to 1870.  You are to complete as much as possible.  This si due on Thursday.  And, today I returned papers and showed everyone their grades.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              12/9/13--We had a great time at HPIE Day at Harvard University!  Congrats to Stephen C., Olivia B., Maggie P., and Brenna T. for taking prizes for their essays or posters.  Everyone who turned in an HPIE project was given their grade for it in class today.  In fact, everyone in class today got a print-out of ALL of their grades as I will be putting in progress report information tomorrow, Tuesday.  Tonight's homework is to read the handout on the Crimean War.  Tomorrow we will finish the IR/Socialisim/Europe to 1875.  On Wednesday you will have an open note's test.  Even though it's open notes, you still need to study and get your notes in order.  There will be a time limit to the test.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              12/10/13--Test tomorrow -- Wednesday.  What I mean by open notes is that you can use your study guide.  So, I would still review my notes tonight!  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              12/11/13--We had a test today using your study guide.  Most of you did not have enough time to finish the essay, so I will give you five minutes first-thing on Friday morning.  In the meantime, I gave you the packet on Imperialism -- put your name on this and don't lose it please.  Bring it to class everyday too.  I then gave you the handout for the first section.  This is homework and is due on Friday.  Finally, I gave you an opportunity for extra credit by having an adult in your family put a Hero Walk sticker on their car.  This movement is about using designated drivers -- of course, this is for adults, but it is the youth who can make this happen.  Take a picture of yourself near the car with the sticker on it (you each must find your own car!).  I will give you a homework credit for this.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              12/13/13--I gave you 10 more minutes to work on your IR essay.  Then I went over the answers to the rest of the test.  I collected the Imperialism homework and then gave you some brief notes on Imperialism.  We looked at Rudyard Kipling's White Man's Burden Poem.  I gave you information on The Last Samurai which you will watch for the entire 90 minute double on Monday -- I won't be here, but you will watch it with the sub (and you must be here).  The information I gave you sets you up to know what is going on in the film and lets you know about the essay you will be writing.  Finally, I gave you a map of Asia which will be due on Tuesday, when I see you next.  Thanks, and happy weekend.  

12/17/13--We continued watching Last Samurai today.  I collected homework.  Tonight's homework is to work on the Last Samurai essay that is due on Friday (100 points -- 5 paragraphs) and to read section 4 of the Imperialism packet.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             12/20/13--Merry Christmas.  No homework!  I will be grading your essays over the break.  Get some rest!  In class we finished up Imperialism in China and Japan.  Happy New Year!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1/7/14--Clearly I am having problems with this site!  Anyway, happy New Year.  When we got back on Monday we continued with Imperialism.  I returned your Last Samurai essays and everyone got their grades.  Homework was to identify the African countries that I posted on the whiteboard on the map that I gave you.  You will have a homework grade quiz on the map when I see you on Wednesday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1/10/14--Today we had a test on Imperialism.  It was an easier version because we are moving quickly.  I gave you a study guide yesterday and allowed you to use it on today's test.  AND, there was a wordbank.  I gave you a reading on the Christmas Day truce between the Germans and the Brits during the fighting of WWI.   You have a brief four page reading with questions about why WWI is still important today.  This is due on Tuesday.  We have next week to finish WWI before your midterm on January 22nd.  Don't miss any opportunities to get your grade up.  I will also check binders on the double on Wednesday.  Thanks and happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1/14/14--Today I collected the homework and we had a power power presentation on the causes of WWI.  I gave you a lengthy reading and answer sheet for tonight.  Please get it done.  There will only be this and one other homework before your midterm.  Tomorrow I will also grade your binders and give you your current grades.  I will give you homework on Wednesday night which will be the last and then on Thursday I will give you the midterm study guide.  It is a tough test, so you will have Thursday night and all of the weekend to work on it.  You will then have Tuesday's class to work on it as well.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1/16/14--So, yesterday I gave you an extra credit opportunity of reading the two remaining chapters for WWI and writing bullet point notes.  I collected these today.  We finished WWI today and I gave you the study guide for the midterm.  I do not see you now until Tuesday, so please get busy reviewing for the midterm.  You will have Tuesday in class to work on your review.  Happy long weekend.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1/28/14--Alrighty, and we are back!  Today everyone got their midterms back and their quarter two grades.  We began work on American Nationhood which will take us from the colonial period to the Civil War (roughly 1750s to 1860s).  I will be out on Wednesday as I will be helping with ACCESS testing.  You will have a sub and the plans are already on the board.  You MUST leave your work with the sub and this is your first grade fro the quarter -- do not take it home.  I then gave you a 30 question U.S. citizenship test that you worked on in class. You need to get all of these answers by Monday.  That will be your second grade.  The third grade is that you will have a quiz on the 13 original colonies on Monday.  I gave you the map.  You must be able to identify them ALL and spell them correctly.  On Friday you will have a class assembly during our class, so I won't see you til Monday.  Thanks, happy weekend!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2/6/14--Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight!  So, I haven't seen you much because of testing I was helping with, your class assembly and snow days!!!  However, we have been working on reviewing Early America.  You homework has been to review all the notes we have been studying and putting together in class.  On Monday you will have an open notes test on everything we have been studying to date.  DO NOT LET OPEN NOTES FOOL YOU.  There is a lot on the test and not having your papers together will not work in your favor.  So, keep studying.  Thanks.                                                                             2/10/14--Today you had an open notes test on Early American and the French & Indian War.  We went over the multiple choice and chronological order questions in class.  Your homework is to read and complete the Chapter 4, Section 1 handout, IN ITS ENTIRETY!  This is due tomorrow -- Tuesday.  I will not be giving homework over the break, so get all of your homeworks done this week.  And, I will be on a field trip on Friday so you will have a sub.  You will be watching The Patriot.  And, you must WATCH The Patriot as you will be tested on this.  If you are out, please rent the dvd or get it ON DEMAND.  Thanks.      2/11/14--I collected, graded, and we went over your homework.  I gave you another homework which is due on Thursday.  This is about Common Sense.  Get it done and turn it in on Thursday.  It is 50 points.  There will not be homework over the break.  On Friday you will watch The Patriot.  If you are not here, you must get it yourself and watch it over the break as you will be quizzed or tested on it.  Happy Valentines Day and Happy Vacation to you.         2/14/14--Happy Vacation to you.  As I type you are watching The Patriot.  If you weren't in today, you will need to get it and watch it as you will be quizzed/tested on it after vacation.  No other homework for the break.  Get rested because we go a couple of months before the next break.  Thanks.       2/24/14--Welcome back.  We watched more of The Patriot -- again -- pay attention as there is a quiz/test on this and the Revolutionary War when we are done.  Homework is to read Chapter 4, Section 3, and answer the questions that I gave you about the Northern portion of the Revolutionary War.  This is due on Wednesday.  Thanks.     2/27/14--I collected, graded and returned the Northern Campaign homework.  Everyone got their grades.  Progress reports are March 5-6.  You will have a test on Wednesday of next week.  It will include everything through the American Revolution (October of 1783) and it will include The Patriot.  Homework will be due that day as well.  It is to review and write down the Opposing Sides on page 139 of the Chapter 3 handout.  In addition to writing these facts down you will need to answer questions 1 and 2 in the chart.  This will be due Wednesday.  Thanks.        3/6/14--Sorry for not writing sooner!  On Wednesday you had the 50 multiple choice question test and you turned in your homework.  Today we went over the Articles of Confederation and you were given two pieces of work for homework:  1--answer the questions about the Articles of Confederation and 2-- complete in its entirety the 5,2 Study Guide packet.  Both of these are due on Monday.  Thanks, and happy weekend.     3/11/14--Today I collected the Constitution homework.  Yesterday, I collected and we went over both the Articles of Confederation homework and the 5,2 Study guide.  No homework tonight (this half-day Tuesday, but smart students ALWAYS review notes from the day).  We will continue with the Ratification of the Constitution in class on Wednesday and you will have 25 question review sheet that will be due on Friday.  You will have MCAS test week, but we will be working on a Constitution handbook which will be a test score and when you are done you will take a Constitution test using the handbook.  There will be a binder check sometime next week (MCAS week) as well.  Thanks.   3/14/14--Happy Friday and weekend!  Today I collected the Confederation through the Continental Convention homework and we began work on the Constitution.  There is no written homework this weekend.  However, I gave you copies of the US Constitution and the Constitution handbook.  You will begin your own Constitution guide (12 pages) beginning Monday in class.  Next week is MCAS and you won't be getting homework so you can rest up!  However, during class we will be working and when the Constitution guide is completed (the following week) you will be using it to take a test.  So, lots of points/test grades coming up.  And, I will be checking binders this MCAS week, so have them in order and have them with you.  Thanks.  3/19/14--I hope MCAS are going well.  You haven't had any homework because of them!  Tomorrow during class you will continue working on the Constitution handbook which must be ready for a test on Monday.  You will have Friday in class to work on this too.  If unfinished at the end of Friday's class, it will be weekend homework, so do work while I am giving you the time in class.  Also, on Friday I will check your binders.  Thanks.

3/26/14--Alrighty, it has been crazy busy!  Today I collected the Chapter 6, Section 1 homework about Washington and Congress.  I did grade it and gave it back to you and we have begun to go over it.  Tonight's homework was to read and write down the difference between Hamilton and the Federalists and Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans.  Also, you are to study the Washington's original cabinet (four positions) and the people who hold these positions today.  Tomorrow, Thursday, you will have a homework grade quiz (25 points).  I also showed everyone their current grades.  We had a test on Monday on the Constitution.  They were graded immediately and you know how you did.  I am in the processing of grading the Constitution Handbooks.  And, I graded your binders on Monday as well.  Grades will close on April 4 and it should be NO surprise where you stand.  Thanks.

4/7/14--I don't know what happened here, but we have certainly been working since March 26th!  Anyway, I gave you a study guide for Federalists and Republicans and the first three sections of Chapter 6.  This needs to be completed and turned in by Wednesday.  On Friday, you will have a test on it!  Thanks.

4/14/14--We had the Federalists & Republicans test last week and everyone was shown their grade this week.  Everyone was actually shown their grade-to-date as well.  Yesterday (Monday) I gave you the copy of the Chapter 7 packet.  Today you turned in the 7,1 homework which we went over in class.  We also watched about President Monroe (8 minutes) from the History Channel American Presidents dvd (you are keeping a running list as we watch them).  Homework is to read Chapter 7, Section 2 and to do BOTH A TIMELINE AND ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-6.  This is due on Monday when we get back.  On Monday when we get back you will have an open notes quiz on Chapter 7, Sections 1 and 2.  If you have been doing your work this will be easy.  I do not see you on Wednesday, 4/16, and I am on a field trip on Thursday.  On Thursday you are to do the work that I leave for you with the sub.  This is work to be done in class -- it is not take home work.  This is a graded assignment.  All the work I have given you should be done before Thursday night so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.  So, please use your time wisely.  And, do have a great vacation!

4/28/14--Welcome back.  Today I graded the 7,2 homework (questions and timeline) and the work you did with the sub on Thursday before break.  We also had a quick quiz on 7,1 and 7,2 using your notes.  I then put those grades into the system and everyone saw their up-to-date grades.  The next progress report is May 6th.  Stay with me and get your homework done.  Tonight's homework is to finish the 7,3 read-a-long and to answer questions 1-5 in the copy of the chapter that I gave you last week.  Thanks!

5/5/15--We have finished up Chapter 7.  There will be a test on Wednesday.  You will be successful on this test if you are able to answer ALL questions on the second-to-last (penultimate) page of the Chapter 7 handout.  Today, I also posted grades on the board after I corrected the 7,4 homework.  Everyone in here should know where they stand.  Much thanks -- you really are a terrific class.

5/8/15--So, yesterday, Wednesday, we had a test on all of Chapter 7.  I briefed you before the test.  There was no homework yesterday.  But, today, during the double we started work on Chapter 8.  Your homework is to answer questions 3-5, in full sentences, at the end of Section 1 -- these questions are about the Jacksonian Era.  Homework is due on Friday.  Thanks.

5/16/14--Happy Friday and Happy weekend!  I didn't see you today, but the homework that I gave you yesterday is to complete the 8,4 read-a-long and to begin working on the quiz study guide.  The quiz study guide is due on Tuesday right before you have a quiz on all of chapter 8.  It will be multiple choice format.  Thanks.

5/20/14--So we had our Chapter 8 quiz and we went over it.  We then began Chapter 9 on Manifest Destiny which includes the Texas story and the settling of the NW border with England.  Your homework is to complete the causes and effects sections for BOTH Texas's War for Indepence and the Mexican-American War.  This is due tomorrow, Wednesday.  Thanks.

5/27/14--Today, Tuesday, during our double we began the Civil War -- chapter 10.  Your homework is to read (again) Section 1 and to answer in complete sentences, questions 1-6 at the section review.  Then, you are to read and takes notes on Section 2.  I will be out on Wednesday and will not see you again until Friday, so these assignments are due on Friday, no later please.  While I am out you will continue watching Glory.  There will be questions about this on the final, so pay attention please.  I am grading your binders now.  Inside your binder you will find the binder-grade-sheet which also tells you what your grade-to-date is.  Thanks.

6/3/14--So you haven't had homework over the weekend or last night because you had Science MCAS.  Tonight's homework is to read Chapter 10, Section 4, and to complete the handout that goes with it.  And, on the flip side of that handout is a map for the 1860s.  You need to identify the states and territories, and study them.  Thanks.

6/5/14--Today we went over the 10-4 homework (both the guided reading and the map on the back).  Tonight's homework is a take home quiz of 20 questions (many of which I reviewed with you in class today).  This is due on Friday.  I gave you the option of attending Mr. Robert Noble, Sr.'s, discussion about his role as a WWII and POW veteran, at Friday's double 5/6 (with lunch 9).  Friday is the 70th anniversary of the D-DAY invasion at Normandy.  Many of you turned in these field trip forms, so thanks.

6/10/14--We began our final chapter together -- the Civil War, Chapter 11.  You have two handouts -- one you started in class and this is to be finished; the second I gave as homework -- you only need to do what is in Section 2.  So, make sure you have read sections 1 and 2 and answered all questions on the handouts that deal with these two sections.  This is due on Thursday.  Thanks.

6/13/14--So, we finished the Civil War today!  You got your review sheet for Wednesday's final.  You should be working on this over the weekend.  You will have all of Tuesday's class to study as well.  All your papers have been graded and they will be returned to you on Tuesday.  Everyone in this class should know their grades as I review them with you often.  I will pass around a copy of your grades (randomly noted by student ID), so there are no questions.  Remember that Wednesday's final counts for 20% of your quarter four grade.  Really, really -- you are a terrific group of 27 sophomores.  Truly it has been my pleasure to be with you this year!  Happy summer, have fun and take care of yourselves, your families and your friends!