Period 5/6-Sophomores: Modern World/American Nationhood (H)

9/5/13--It was nice to meet you today.  Your homework is to work on getting the supplies you need for class (on the syllabus that I gave you).  You will have homework tomorrow that will then be due on Tuesday since we won't see each other on Monday.  For tonight, no written homework.  Thanks.  9/6/13--This is not returning for some reason.  Your homework is to study the map (28 countries) and come prepared for a quiz on Tuesday.  Also, do have your binder and tabs in place for Tuesday -- another graded assignment.  Thanks. 

9/10/13--I checked binders today and gave you a world map quiz.  Homework is to complete the review on Major World Religions.  This is due on Wednesday.  Thanks.

9/11/13--Quiz tomorrow on the three review sheets.  Study.  Thanks.

9/16/13--Sorry for delay in posting.  I have been having difficulties with posting on this site from school.  Today you turned in the Absolutism homework.  We have been studying/taking notes on Absolutism and we will continue to do so the next few days.  There will be a test next week, so review all of your notes from last Friday and today.  Thanks.  9/17/13--Sorry, but I can't return...  Tonight's homework is to study the handout we went over in class today on Absolutism in France AND the two slides of notes that I gave you on Absolutism in Russia.  There will be a quiz on these tomorrow, Wednesday.  Thanks.

9/18/13--Homework due on Friday is to research two important men of England's seventeenth century:  Charles I and Oliver Cromwell.  Give me at least 4 full and complete sentences about each of the men.  Thanks.

9/20/13--Homework is to review all that we are studying on Absolutism.  I expect a test next week--most likely Friday--on the entire Absolutism period.  Happy weekend.

9/24/13--Test on all of Absolutism on Friday.  Study, study, study.  And, the assignment using the Boston Globe from 9/23 is due on Friday.  Read ALL of page A3.  Break down each story by writing 1--the story's title; 2--the country and continent from where the story is based; and 3--in your own words summarize the story.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              9/27/13--Today we had a test on Absolutism.  You already had a homework that is due on Monday.  See above for those instructions -- it says due on Friday, but I really meant Monday.  Your next homework is due on Wednesday.  It is to read The Enlightenment in Europe packet and identify IN-DEPTH the 10 terms noted on the upper right hand corner of the packet.  Now, I want lengthy answers with proper grammar and spelling -- again, it is due on Wednesday.  Thanks, and Go Presidents!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         10/1/13--Yesterday I returned and we went over the test on Absolutism from Friday.  I gave everyone their current grades as we will be posting progress reports by Thursday.  Homework is noted above (9/27 posting).  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10/3/13--We continued work on the Enlightenment.  We looked at some of the philosophes.  We then worked on skits with the same philosophes.  Everyone's binder was graded and everyone knows their current grade as I already posted your progress report information.  Your homework is to read the Section 3 handout on the Enlightenment and to identify the 5 or 6 terms in the back AND to do brief notes on the chapter -- a brief overview.  This is due tomorrow, Friday.  We will finish up the Enlightenment and have a quiz on this on Tuesday.  Your weekend homework is, therefore, to study.  All papers were graded and returned to you today.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10/8/13--We had our Enlightenment quiz today and then we went over it.  We began the French Revolution with a few notes on the board and notes on a handout.  Tonight's homework is to read the handout and to respond with a one-paragraph response to the question about what exactly during absolutism made the French people angry.  This is to be a pristine -- error-free and grammatically-correct -- response.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               10/10/13--We are continuing with the French Revolution.  You had a handout to complete today that had 7 events that occurred in 1789.  We will work more on this on Tuesday when I see you next.  You then got 4 handouts -- two double-side readins and two double-sided questions.  All of this must be done and turned in on Wednesday.  Happy long weekend to you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10/16/13--Today I collected the two double-sided homework pages.  We went over the Women's March to Versailles and then we watched some of a documentary on the French Revolution.  I gave you a French Revolution newspaper assignment with the rubric.  You are to work in teams of two unless you have made other arrangements with you.  This will be due on Tuesday.  Also on Tuesday will be a quiz on the French Revolution so far.  You will need to know the seven events of the early stages of the FR and you will need to know the four stages of the FR.  No other homework, but Tuesday is a 150 point day.  Do you work and study.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10/21/13--Quiz tomorrow AND your French Revolution newspapers are due -- a 150 point day.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10/24/13--Homework assigned on Tuesday was the complete the handout on the radical phase of the FR.  I expect to give you a test on the FR to-date on Tuesday.  We will continue our studies tomorrow and Monday and tomorrow you will be given a review sheet which will be graded and turned in on Tuesday before the test.  So, any "unwritten homework" nights are to be studying/reviewing.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10/25/13--We went over the homework from Wednesday.  Too many of you didn't have it!  No written homework this weekend, but do study as you will be having a test on Tuesday on the FR to-date.  We will work on it, review it, during the double on Monday.  Study, study.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10/29/13--You had a test on the FR to-date today.  This will be your last grade for quarter 1.  Tonight's homework is to take the reading on Napoleon (only the front page) and give me a DETAILED TIMELINE.  Make sure the dates are in order.  It doesn't need to include a line as there might be too much to say, but it does need to list in chronological order the events with dates and definitions.  This is due on Thursday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              11/1/13--No written homework this weekend, but you know it is always good to re-read notes.  Everyone got their tests back yesterday with both that test grade and your quarter one report card grade -- there should be no surprises with your grades.  Enjoy the extra hour of sleep this weekend!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11/5/13--Homework was two parts:  1--read and answer Creating an Empire and 2--Answer the reading "On Muskets and Cannons" in a one-paragraph response.  Due on Wednesday.  Parent/teachers conferences are on Thursday night!  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              11/8/13--Happy long weekend.  Do thank a Veteran this weekend (or anyday!).  Last night, Thursday, you needed to complete the Napoleon study guide as you will be having a learning celebration on it today.  You MAY use the study guide, so you were asked to complete it and to bring it to class.  Other than that, no homework til I see you next Wednesday.  Do enjoy the weekend and mini-break.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         11/13/13--I graded and returned to you the test you took on Friday (I re-collected them because a couple of students still need to take the test).  We began notes on the Industrial Revolution today.  Homework is a two-sided reading on the beginning of the IR and you need to answer the question on the second-side.  Give me a complete and grammatically correct response to the question.  This is due tomorrow, Thursday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         11/14/13--I will be at James Madison's home in Virginia tomorrow, so you will have a sub.  You need to complete the TWO handouts that I left for you.  These MUST be left with the sub for a grade.  If you don't leave them you will be given a 0 for the day's work.  Homework is to study the notes I gave you from the power point AND the handout that we reviewed today (begins with steam engine information and various inventions) as there will be a quiz on Wednesday when I see you.  Happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      11/19/13--We had a quiz (open notes) on the early Industrial Revolution.  I returned all papers with grades from when I was out on Friday (for the work you did with the sub).  We are beginning to talk about capitalism and I asked you to review the notes you did on Friday as homework.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        11/21/13--I collected yesterday's homework which was the two-sided handout on Socialism.  We answered the handout on socialism/Marxism/communism.  Homework is to the complete the handout that asks you to review all that we did on capitalism/socialism/communism.  This is due on Monday.  Thanks, and happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     11/26/13--In class today I checked your binders and everyone got their up-to-date grade.  We finished work on the Industrial Revolution and Europe to 1870 including capitalism, socialism and communism.  I gave you a take home TEST.  This test is to be completed and returned when I see you next, Tuesday, December 3.  No ifs, and, or buts on this.  And, the essay portion on this is to be pristine:  no spelling errors, no grammatical errors, and typed if possible.  Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you.  I am certainly grateful for all of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             12/3/13--Today we went over the take home test.  I will grade the essays in the next couple of days.  I handed out the packets on Imperialism.  Do NOT lose these.  Tonight you were asked to read just the first two pages so we can discuss it tomorrow.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12/3/13--I returned the essay portion of the test and we spoke about it.  Then we began the Imperialism unit.  I gave you a few slides of notes and pictures and then you worked as a team on answering the questions from the first section of the packet.  Homework is to complete the Asian map as noted.  This is due tomorrow, Thursday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12/9/13--Today we went over the homework I assigned last week:  to complete the China & Asia fill-in-the-blank work.  Also, everyone got their grades today and it will be from these that I will post your progress reports tomorrow.  Tonight's homework is to review the China portion that we went over today.  You will soon be writing a 7-paragraph essay and knowing this material will be critical to your success.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12/10/13--We finished reviewing what your read and the handout that I gave you on China and Japan.  We began watching The Last Samurai.  I gave you an introduction sheet to explain the movie.  I then gave you information on a 7 paragraph essay that you will be writing.  I actually gave you the breakdown of what I want in each of the paragraphs.  As soon as the movie is over next week, you will have three days to turn in the essay.  Regardless of when that is, the essay will be due by next Thursday.  I actually gave you enough information to begin the first four or five paragraphs.  Don't wait until the last minute.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        12/13/13--We continued watching Last Samurai today.  You are to be working on your essay which will be due on Thursday.  Know that you will get more homework on Tuesday, so you MUST be working on the essay.  You have enough information to do most of it.  I will be out on Monday.  You will continue watching the movie.  If you finish you will work with Upfront Magazine taking notes (and leaving them with the sub) on what you read.  Thanks.

12/17/13--We finished watching Last Samurai today.  Your essay is due on Thursday -- it should not be late as you have had it for a bit and you had what you needed to finish the bulk of of it.  Remember -- it is a 100 point essay.  I also gave you a handout to complete on Imperialism in India and Southeast Asia.  This needs to be completed for Thursday's class.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       12/20/13--Merry Christmas.  No homework.  Get some rest and have some fun.  Be kind to others.  And, it is better to give than to receive!  We finished up Imperialism in SE Asia.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1/7/14--Happy New Year!  Yesterday I returned your Last Samurai essays and everyone has their current grades.  We continued with Imperialism in Africa.  Your homework is to identify the African countries that I posted on the whiteboard on the map that I gave you and you are having a homework grade quiz on Wednesday.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1/10/14--There will be a test on Imperialism today, Friday.  There are 50 questions of which 20 are on the maps of Africa and Asia.  The other 30 questions include a word bank.  I gave you a study guide yesterday that you worked on in class and I will let you use that.  Homework is to read the four brief pages on why WWI is still relevant today.  Then, answer the multiple choice and the open response questions.  Don't miss any opportunities to bring your grades up these few remaining classes before your midterm on Thursday, January 23rd.  I will also grade your binders next Wednesday, so have them in order.  Happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1/14/14--Today I collected the homework as noted above.  We also went over a power point presentation on the causes of WWI.  I gave you a pretty full and lengthy reading and handout on WWI.  You need to get this done for tomorrow's class.  I will also be checking your binders tomorrow for a grade.  There will be one last homework tomorrow night as well.  Please get these last three grades completed.  I will give you the midterm study guide on Thursday.  It is a lot.  You will have this long weekend and you will have Tuesday in class.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1/16/14--Today I collected the extra credit opportunity that I gave you last night (it was to read the remainder of WWI -- sections 4 and 5 -- and to write notes in bullet form).  We finished WWI today and I gave you the study guide for the midterm.  I will not see you now until Tuesday and that day you will use to review in class.  So, do study this weekend for the midterm.  Happy long weekend.  Your midterm is Thursday!  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1/28/14--Welcome back!  Today everyone got their midterms back and their quarter two grades.  We then began work on American Nationhood.  I gave you a syllabus and you cleaned out your binders.  We went over the 30 questions of the U.S. citizenship test.  You need to study these as you will have a quiz on these on Monday.  Also, I gave you for homework a copy of the 13 colonies map.  You need to identify all of these and spell them correctly.  This is due tomorrow.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2/6/13--Parent/Teacher conferences tonight!  Tomorrow, Thursday, you will have an open notes test on Early America and the chapters leading up to and including the French and Indian War.  (When we finish with this we are going right into the makings of the American Revolution).  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2/7/14--Homework is to complete, IN ITS ENTIRETY, the study guide that I gave you on Chapter 4, Section 1.  This is due on Monday.  Thanks, Happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2/10/14--I gave you back the chronological and open response portion of the test you took on Friday.  We answered together the 35 multiple choice questions in class so you all know your grades for Friday's test.  I also graded, returned, and went over with you the 4,1 homework.  I gave you a homework that is worth 50 points which will be due on Thursday.  I will be out on Friday on a field trip, so you will be watching The Patriot.  There will be test questions on this in the future so you must pay attention.  If you are out, you can see it On Demand or rent it from the library, but that is your responsibility.  There will be NO other homework during school vacation.  Enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2/11/14--As I said above, you have a homework on Common Sense which is due on Thursday.  It will be the last homework before break.  Do not forget to do it.  On Friday, you will watch the movie, as noted above.  If you are not in, it is your responsibility to get the movie and to watch it as you will be quizzed/tested on the movie.  Happy Valentines Day and Happy Vacation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2/14/14--Happy Valentine's Day.  Happy break.  I am off on a field trip to Harvard's collegiate Model UN.  You will watch the Patriot for the double.  You need to pay attention as there will be a quiz/test when we get back.  No written homework for break.  Enjoy it because there won't be another break for a couple of months.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2/24/14--Welcome back.  We watched some more of The Patriot.  Remember that there is a quiz/test on this and the Revolutionary War when we are finished.  Homework is to read chapter 4, section 3.  Answer the questions on the handout that I gave you which is either on the Northern or Southern portion of the American Revolution.  This will be due on Wednesday.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2/27/14--I collected the Northern Campaign Homework and we then read the Declaration of Independence and we discussed it.  I returned the Southern Campaign homework and we went over it.  Everyone saw their grades.  We then watched more of The Patriot.  Homework which will be due on Wednesday is to read/copy The Opposing Sides on page 139.  You need to answer the two chart questions as well.  There will be a test on all that we have been doing on the American Revolution and The Patriot on Wednesday.  Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3/6/14--Yesterday you had the 50 multiple choice question test about Post-French & Indian War through the American Revolution and The Patriot.  We went over it in class and discussed life after the Revolution.  Today, Harvard was here, Vittoria, and she introduced herself and gave you the brief packets.  Your homework for HPIE is to read brief 1 and to answer the 3 questions at the end of the brief.  This is due by next Friday.  And, I gave you Study Guide to Chapter 5, Section 2.  Answer these questions in entirety.  This is due on Monday.  Happy weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3/11/14--I returned yesterday's homework of Study Guide 5,2.  We started to go over it today after he had a homework grade quiz on the Articles of Confederation which we went over in class yesterday (and took notes).  No written homework on this half-day Tuesday.  But, smart students reread notes knowing that a quiz or a test is always on the horizon!  There will be homework tomorrow, Tuesday, but stayed tuned.  The HPIE brief #1 homework is not due until Monday, March 17th, when Vittoria is in class again.  Finally, I will due a binder check next week during MCAS while you are working on creating your very own Constitutional handbook.  Thanks.

3/14/14--I collected the Confederation Congress through Continental Congress homework today.  We began work on the U.S. Constitution.  You need to complete the HPIE assignment for Monday.  We did begin work on the U.S. Constitution which we will be working on next week.  You will be completing your very own Constitution guide which you will use for a test the week after MCAS (so, MCAS is next week and there won't be any homework so you can rest-up).  You will be working during ALL classes and I will be checking binders next week as well.  Thanks, and happy weekend.

3/19/14--I hope MCAS are going well.  You haven't had any homework because of them!  Tomorrow you will continue working on the Constitution Handbook.  And, you will also have Friday to work on it as well.  Because, on Monday, you will have a test for which you can use the handbook.  If you do not finish this in class (there's no reason not to), it will be your homework.  So, use your time wisely in class!  I also will be checking your binders for another grade.  I will do this on Friday.  Thanks!

3/26/14--Alrighty.  On Monday you had your Constitution test and you used your Constitutional Handbooks to answer the questions.  We graded the test immediately and I returned to you your scores on the handbooks today.  I also graded everyone's binder.  Grades close next Friday and you should all know where you stand.  Today, I collected homework that I gave you Monday on Chapter 6, Section 1.  Tomorrow is a double and we will do more work on Washington and Congress, and for the second half, Vittoria from HPIE will be here.  Homework tomorrow is to read and answer discussion questions for HPIE brief 2 about religion.  Thanks.

4/1/14--You will have a sub today and you need to continue working on John Adams's presidency.  Class work must be left with the sub as it is a graded assignment.  Also, due on Wednesday is HPIE brief 3.  This will be your last graded assignment for term 3.  Yes, the year is almost over.  There will not be written homework on 4/2, but you need to be studying what we do in class on the Jefferson presidency.

4/7/14--Tonight's homework is to complete the study guide on Federalists and Republicans and the first three sections of Chapter 6.  This is due on Wednesday.  On Friday you will have a test on this material.  Thanks.

4/14/14--So, we did have the Federalists and Republicans test.  We graded together the mulitple choice section and I went over the open responses section.  I did not get to return these to you today because Vittoria from HPIE was in class discussing colonialism.  I do not see your class tomorrow, 4/16, and I am on a field trip on Thursday, 4/17.  Here is what you need to do.  All of this should be done before Friday because it is my intent to NOT give you vacation homework.  However, if you choose not to do your homework tonight and tomorrow night, and if you choose not to work with the sub on Thursday, you will then have vacation homework.  Here it goes:

1--Read HPIE brief #4 and answer the discussion questions at the end of the brief -- DUE MONDAY.

2--Read Chapter 7, Section 2, and do notes.  These notes will be used for an open-notes quiz when we get back on Monday, April 28th.  So, the notes will be a grade and then the quiz will be another grade.

3--Have your parents and teachers sign the field-trip form for Friday, May 2nd.  I need this by Monday, April 28th at the end of the school day.

4--Read the Harvard Day handout.  It is three pages.  You are to complete an HPIE project which will be due no later than Thursday, May 1st -- it canNOT be late as I must grade these on Thursday night and we must carry them to Harvard.  You have the choice between the creative (poster-board) or one of the two essay prompts.  If you have any questions you need to contact Vittoria at her email address which was posted on the board.  Please do not procrastinate.  Again, you have time tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday during class to get this done.

Thank you, really, as you are a superb class.  And, enjoy your vacation.

4/28/14--I collected the HPIE brief 4 homework.  I also quickly graded the 7,2 notes which you then used on the quiz of chapter 7, sections 1 & 2.  We spoke at length about Friday's trip to Harvard.  I need the field trip forms by Wednesday at the end of the day -- even though I don't see your class.  I need your HPIE project (either creative piece or essay) NO later than Thursday as I must grade them before we head to Harvard on Friday morning.  No excuses on this.  You are getting the next few nights to do this.  And, it is a test grade.  I also showed everyone their grades today and some are not pretty.  Progress reports will be going in on May 6th, so no playing around, thank you.

5/5/14--OK, so our fieldtrip to Harvard on Friday was terrific.  I was very proud of you.  Congratulations to the four of you who won Amazon gift cards for your entries (either essay or creative-piece).  I did grade all of these on Thursday before we left.  Today, I showed everyone their up-to-date grades as Progress Reports are due by this Wednesday.  Homework is to complete the 7,4 Read-a-Long AND to do a timeline on 7,4.  A future test on Chapter 7 is on its way.  I will see you Wednesday.  Thanks for being a terrific class. 

5/8/14--Yesterday we finished up everything on Chapter 7, Sections 3 & 4.  Today we had a quiz on both of these sections.  During today's double we watched the History Channel's dvd on James Monroe and John Quincy Adams.  We then began work on Chapter 8 and the Jacksonian Era.  Tonight's homework is to finish the 8,1 Read-A-Long.  This, of course, is due tomorrow, Friday.  Many thanks!

5/12/14--We have an abbreviated schedule of class time this week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) because of teacher professional development and because of your MCAS on Tuesday and Wednesday.  You were not given homework in anticipation of MCAS, but I will see you during our regular time on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will continue working on Chapter 8 during class time and homework will resume on Wednesday night!  Thanks!

5/20/14--We had a quiz today on Chapter 8 (sorry for not posting sooner).  We then began Chapter 9 and Manifest Destiny.  Homework tonight is to read the two-sided paper on James K. Polk.  I asked you to highlight the most important information.  This is due tomorrow, Wednesday.  Thanks.

5/27/14--Today we began Chapter 10, the Civil War.  We worked in groups on Section 1.  Tonight's homework is to re-read section 1 and to answer in complete sentences questions 1-6 at the section review.  You also need to read Section 2 and take notes while you are doing this.  Both are due on Friday.  I will not see you tomorrow, Wednesday, and we don't have class on Thursday.  During class tomorrow you will continue watching Glory.  Thanks.

6/3/14--You haven't had homework since last Thursday because you have been taking the Science MCAS.  However, tonight's homework is to complete the Chapter 10, Section 4 handout.  And, on the other side of that is an 1860 map of states and territories in the U.S.  You need to identify those areas noted on the page itself. Please study these and understand their importance in the slavery issue and the road to the Civil War.  Homework is due on Thursday.  On Friday, in memory of the 70th anniversary of D-Day we will attend a lecture and discussion given by Mr. Robert Robert Nobel, Jr., a WWII veteran and P.O.W.  Thanks.

6/5/14--Today we went over the 10-4 homework -- both the guided reading responses and the map.  Tomorrow we will be going as a class to a discussion by WWII veteran and POW, Mr. Robert Noble, Sr.  He is here to discuss his and America's role on the 70th anniversary of the Allied forces invasion at Normandy.  Everyone will go to lunch 9. And you have homework which is to complete the take-home quiz on Chapters 9 and 10.  This will be due on Monday.  Thanks.

6/10/14--We graded the take home quiz on Chapters 9 and 10.  We began the Civil War and Chapter 11.  You have a homework handout for which the majority has to do with Section 1.  Answer everything that has to do with section.  Thanks.

6/13/14--So, we finished up the Civil War today (all except watching the Lincoln short-piece of the U.S. Presidents, but I will play this on Tuesday while you are working on your notes.  Everyone in class should certainly know their grades as I show them often.  This weekend is your opportunity to work on the study guide that you were given for the final.  Your final is Thursday at 10 a.m.  Do not be late or you will need to come back later to take it.  You are a wonderful, wonderful group.  I most certainly will miss you.  Thank you for being so kind and so talented.  I wish you a wonderful and safe summer!