Military History – Final Project


Final Paper Due Date: 1/19/2017 ( you may turn this in earlier )


This assignment will take the place of your final exam. In it you will write an informational narrative and analysis of a post World War II conflict. You will be required to use all of the skills and perspectives learned from our studies of Military History so far. Since the United States takes the lead in Global Security and protection following (although the Soviets would disagree with this assessment) the collapse of the Axis in 1945, our focus will be on American Conflicts. There are four topics:

Korean War 1950-1953

Vietnam War

Cold War

Wars on Terror – (Afghanistan or Iraq)

The Paper should have three parts.

 First: A Summary of the conflict, its causes, strategic vision, the opponents, the course of the war, and the outcome

Second: Choose three of the historical perspectives from the list, examine and analyze how these things affected the shape and outcome of the war. (political, social, cultural, technological, racial, women’s, racial, psychological, human (ie the homefront and civilian perspective)). Use personal anecdotes to emphasize the narrative you are writing!

Third: A conclusion with the significance of these three perspectives and their interaction in this conflict on American society as well as the future of warfare.

Although the due date is 1/19/2017 the rough draft will be due on 1/13/2017. On this date you must be substantially completed and have either a typed rough draft written or a legible handwritten copy to exchange with the other person that shares your main topic. Read each other’s copy, make corrections, and then discuss the topic, your research and how you came about your conclusions.

This will be somewhere around 1000-1500 words Type written, double spaced, Times New Roman Font. Your paper must have a cover page, footnotes (at least 10), and a bibliography: all in proper Chicago Manual of Style format. Cheat sheet for this located here:


Resource material: books and journal articles are usually a great source for research. However I have included some good internet sites to start with and use for your research. NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS.

Journal Articles may be found here: