Homework Folders

Go home on MONDAY

Return to school on FRIDAY

I will send home a homework folder each Monday that contains all of the work for the week.  This folder needs to be returned to school on Friday, with all of the work completed.  I allow students to keep homework at home until Friday because I realize occasionally activities such as dance or baseball make completing homework nightly very difficult.  I encourage you to use this system to teach your child to complete things early, rather than waiting until the last minute.  It is also important to set aside time each night to assist your child with their homework, but remember they are responsible for doing the work. 

Reading is homework that the children will have EVERY evening.  They must read every night for at least 20 minutes.  The children will also have math and language arts homework assignments.  The homework will not be anything long, just enough to review what they have learned at school.  If homework is not returned completed the next day the student will have the consequence of sitting out at recess each day until the homework is completed and returned.

3rd Nine Weeks Homework Assignment Sheet

  Reading Homework Read at least 20 minutes.  Read at least 20 minutes.  Read at least 20 minutes. Read at least 20 minutes. Complete Reading Comprehension sheet.     
  Spelling Homework Write words 3x’s each.Write words in ABC order. Use each word in a sentence.  (Be sure to use proper punctuation!)  Take a practice spelling test and study any words you misspelled.
 Math Homework Practice facts flash cards for at least 10 minutes.Write an addition and subtraction word problem, and use strategies to solve. Take timed math practice test. Complete weekly skill review sheet.