Accelerated Reader


We will begin Accelerated Reader this week. The students have been STAR tested, which gives us their AR reading level. Each day I will try and provide up to 30 minutes of independent reading time. The students will read AR books and take AR tests during this time.

I ask my students to read their books at least 3 times before going to the computer to take an AR test. Reading the book 3 times helps practice comprehension and fluency.  Students will be allowed to take an AR test after reading 3 times and feel confident about the understanding of the book. Each student has an AR folder in the classroom to record the books he/she reads. Each student’s reading level is inside the folder so they will know what level books they can check out each time.

The students will check out AR books to bring home and read. This book needs to come back to school every day. After the student completes the test on the book, he/she will return the book and check out another one. I encourage my students to read their library books at home for their reading homework. I encourage my parents to ask their child questions about the book to prepare for the AR comprehension test taken in class.