Understanding Capital Letters

When do we use capital letters?

1. The first words of a sentence.

 For example:  That boy is walking down the street with his banana in his hand.

                         Mother told us not to eat the food cold.


2. Names should be in capital letters.

For example: Richard Knight and his family should be coming over for the summer.

                      Dr. Taniesha Knight enjoys drinking orange juice.

                      My dad asked me to milk Sally the cow.


3. Specific places should begin in capital letters.

For example: I love travelling to Jamaica

                      My mother and father got married in Caledonia.


4. Days of the week, holidays and months of year begins with capital letters.

For example: On Tuesday I will go to the mall.

                      I can't wait to give my father his gift on Father's Day.


5. Use a capital letter to write the name of a street, town, city, or state.

For example: 13 Galloway Rd

                       Bethel Town, Westmoreland


6. When the letter stands alone in a sentence, it should be in capital letters.

For example: My mother said I should wash the dishes.


 7. Use capital letters for many abbreviations and acronyms:

For example: DVD - Digital Video Disc

                    MOU - Morandum Of Understanding


8. Names of different Languages are written in capital letters.

For example. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese