Mrs. Chapman's Art Room

The visual arts are extremely rich.  They range from drawing, painting, sculpture and design, architecture, photography, and folk arts.  Students will experiment with art materials as they investigate ideas and explore art techniques.  Creation is at the heart of art instruction, and students will learn to work with various art tools, processes, and media.  They will learn to make choices while creating art that enchances the ideas they are trying to convey.  Students are encouraged to explore their questions as they learn the value of perseverance.

The visual arts program is designed to compliment the national and state standards for arts education.  The standards are structured to allow visual arts teachers to choose developmentally appropriate activites for students, keeping within specific objectives.  Students will have the opportunity to explore art through history and culture, glimpsing what influenced the works done by various artists.  In addition, students will be exploring the elements that are essential to all works of art, including line, shape, color, texture, value, form, and space.  Students will also be examining the use of the principles governing good design seen in famous works of art, such as balance, movement, contrast, emphasis, variety, unity, rhythm, proportion, and depth.  Students will be using many different art media throughout the year to create originial works of art.