Mrs DeConcini's Happy Campers


About me: 

I am originally from Michigan and moved to Arizona 13 years ago. My husband and I have three wonderful kids together and are welcoming our fourth in a few weeks. We moved to the white mountains a year ago and love being apart of this community. I have one degree in elementary school education and I am currently working on another degree through Grand Canyon Universality in Special Education. I have worked in several schools over the years as a special education aid and as a substitute teacher. 

My teaching philosophy: 

I believe that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. All students have the ability to learn and it is my job to figure out how each student learns and facilitate a positive and structured environment in which they can grow academically. 

Classroom Behavior and Expectations

  • Be on time
  • Come to class prepared
  • Be respectful 
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be respectful of the learning environment 


Digital Citizenship 

Computers are a privilege to have in the classroom and should be treated that way by all students here are some simple computer expectations: 

Follow directions that are given by the teacher

Use appropriate websites that are teacher approved

One student per computer

Be careful what you share

Treat others with respect 

What we will be learning this year:

Our first grade curriculum is based off of biblical principles. 

Language Arts: 

  • Foundations, Wilson Language Basics, Level 1 
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Write Source, Grade 1 
  • Supplemental ResourcesL 
  • Abeka Readers
  • A-Z Reading 
    • What we will be working on....
  • Students will be learning how to write differant types of paragraphs as well as how to write letters. We will also focus on story elements and comprehension when reading. We will also focus on reading fluency, word recognintion and decoding strategies these will help students to become strong readers. 


  • Sigapor Math by Marshall Cavendish, Math in Focus Level 1
    • Students will be learning math facts this year up to 10. They will also learn measuring, differant kinds of shapes as well as subtraction.

Social Studies: 

  • Heritage studies 1, The New World; At home in Early America
    • Our social studies cirriculum focuses on the world around us and early America. Students will learn how to read maps, the exploration of Christopher Columbus, Native Americans, the first settlements and early Americans. 


  • Purposeful Design Science, Level 1
    • Students wll learn about seasons, matter, outer space, teeth, the human body and differant kinds of animals in the world around us. 


                                                                          Practices and Policies: 

Late Work


If a student misses school due to illness or family matters late work will be accepted based on how many days of school the student missed.




Please remember that tardiness affects academic performance. Students are considered tardy five minutes after the bell rings.


Extra Credit


Extra credit can be given upon request


Checking Grades


Due to our grading software checking grades is not permitted however progress reports are sent home twice every quarter and you will recive a report card every quarter.


Acadmic Concerns


If you have academic concerns please contact me and we can arrange a meeting


Homework Expectations


Students will recieve a spelling packet every week along with math facts a reading log will be sent home weekly as well please have your students read every night for 20 minutes


Office Hours


Office hours are Mon - Thurs 7:30 - 4;00pm and Fridays 8:30 - 12:00pm


Extra Help


If your student is in need of extra help I am available after school for 30 minute tutoring sessions




Rules, Consequences & Rewards:

Classroom Rules: 

• Come to class prepared

• Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

• Complete all work and your work must be neat

• Be respectful to the teacher and other students

• Keep your hands to yourself



There is a behavior chart in the classroom on this chart it has your students name on a clothes pin if a student in misbehaving they will be asket to move their pin down on the chart these are the order in which consequences will be given. 

• Verbal warning

• Time out

• Loose recess

• Meeting with the teacher

• Principles office and parent contact



Each day students have the opportunity to earn a sucker or the prize box. I use class dojo for students to earn these rewards if a student earns five points for the day they can earn a sucker. If a student earns ten points then they can choose from the prize box. Every month the students have the opportunity to earn a class party students earn this as a class by behaving correctly outside of the classroom. Points are earned for the class by behaving at their specials, acting appropriately in the hallway and transitioning correctly from the classroom to another part of the school. 


Grades are based on the K - 3 Grading scale

90% - 100% - E  (Excellant)

80%  -  89.9% - G  (Good)

70% - 79.9% - S ( Satisfactory)

60% - 69.9% - N (Needs imporvment)

0% - 59.9% - N (Needs Improvement)

These scores are based on daily work and tests, homework packets are worth 20 points per week. 



A class news letter will be sent home bi-weekly this will keep you up to date on special events that we have going on, student birthdays as well as what we are learning in the classroom. 

I will also communicate through class dojo in messages and in our class story I will send out a message every Friday and post pictures of fun things that we are doing in the classroom regularly. 

Contacting Me: 

Email - 

Your students academic success is very important to me I am always available through email and class dojo. When emailing me or sending me a message on class dojo I will respond as promptly as possibly, however if you contact me at night I will not respond till the next day. I am available before and after school if you need to talk to me please contact me and we can set up at meeting time.