Mr. Kramer's Website

Welcome to Mr. Kramer's school website.All homework asignments for middle school math  will be posted on Mondays.


Grade 5 Honors Test 23A Top Scores                

    Madison Major 98  Brian Copsey 94




Grade 6 Test 23A Top Scores 

    Cameron Armstrong 97  Lauren Weeks 92   






Grade 6 Honors Test 23A Top Scores

   Michael Guy 101 Kayla Kern 98  Emily Massiglia 97        






Grade 7 Test 23A Top Scores         

        Cecilia Billingsley 96   Colby Nelson 80




Grade 7 Honors Test 23A  Top Scores

           Maddy Horstkamp 99  Jeffery Boecher 93 




Grade 8 Test E.O.C. Top Scores

 Macy Delahay 92  Meaghan Payne 84





Algebra Final Top Scores

Caridad Guy 93