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All Middle School Students  will be required to read a minimum of 2 self-selected books per quarter. An Assessment on each of these books will be taken in the MCSS Library on the computers. The grades will be adjusted to coincide with the ADW grading standards, and will be worth a designated percentage of the student's Reading grade for each quarter. Students are expected to read for comprehension, and the skills they are taught in class will assist in that endeavor.

8th and 7th Grades-- ACR % is 15 % of total Reading grade

  • NOTE: 8th Graders will read a biography of a Saint for the month of November. This is a substitution for the required Accelerated Reader self-selected book for the month of November ONLY.

****see 8th Grade Religion page for Book presentation details. This will be a dual grade in 8th Grade Reading and Religion.

6th Grade                -- ACR % is 10% of total Reading grade 


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