Eighth Grade Religion

  2014-2015          8th Grade Religion



Faith & Life Series 




Please scroll down to find DAILY PRAYER directions/format.

DAILY PRAYER- Each student will be assigned dates throughout the year. Counts as QUIZ grade in Religion. 

Directions: TYPE or HANDWRITE NEATLY the following:

Be sure to use a proper page heading!  (3 points)

PART ONE: Use your agendas, a Catholic Church calendar, or go to www.catholicsaints.com   (30 points) DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Be sure to document all your sources at the bottom of the Daily Prayer page.

Identify whether or not the date corresponds to a Feast Day or an Ordianry Day in the Liturgical Calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • IF a FEAST DAY- identify the feast and tell why the Church celebrates this feast, why this event or this (these) saint(s) are commemorated in a special way by the Church. Include, for example, a brief bio on the saint, or identify for us what important work or virtue the saint is known for. 
  • IF an Ordinary Day, you may choose a prayer, Bible verse, or a relevant reflection to share with the class...still be sure to identify the date as an Ordianary Day in the Church calendar; then you are free to choose something meaningful to you.


PART TWO: Prayer  (30 points)

Choose a prayer to share with the class -- remember the Our Father, Hail Mary, and The Glory Be  may not be used, but all other prayers are acceptable, but avoid repetition of previous prayers used in class. Sometimes the website listed above has prayers recommended for the day, or I have numerous prayer books on the Prayer Table at the back of the classroom to be used as a resource for this assignment.

PART THREE: (37 points)

A personal reflection-- this portion of the assignment should be carefully done. The purpose of the personal reflection is for each prayer leader to express why he/she chose the particular prayer that he/she did. A good way to prepare a meaningful reflection is to read and reread the prayer to decide which words or phrases stand out to you as you read/ pray. What spoke to you in this prayer...and why? Do you have a personal connection to the prayer selected?-- or is the connection a more global one? -- or possibly it is relevant to the feast day, the saint's life's work or something we can all strive to do or be.

TOTAL = 100 points

LATE PENALTY  -3 points per day