The assignment is due FRIDAY Feb. 8th 2013.

What follows is a description of how to collect dream information and tips on how you can remember your dreams, BE SURE TO VISIT THE LINK TITLED DREAM JOURNAL FORMAT, this page gives you the format (skeleton or template) you need to follow for each dream entry (5 in total) GOOD LUCK and SWEET DREAMS!

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Sometimes, dreams are so startling or vivid that you come awake during the night. At that time,

You might think, “I won’t forget this one!” Yet, by morning a fog may settle over our memories of the night’s “events” and you may recall the flavor of

the dreams and little else. Or, you may just remember thinking that you weren’t going to forget your dream. The best way to remember your dreams is to record them immediately after they occur. If you don’t usually wake up after a dream, try giving yourself a suggestion before you go to sleep that you will wake up following each dream, although it might not be a good idea to do so every night.


“To catch your dream, have a pen and paper or a tape recorder by your bed – a material suggestion.”

 - Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

When the alarm goes off, try not to open your eyes. Lie there quietly for a few minutes and tell

yourself you’re going to fall back to sleep and have an important dream –or a dream that answers a particular question. Strongly urge yourself to recall the dream.

In quiet moments throughout the day, tell yourself that tonight you’re going to remember your

dreams. If you have particular questions you want answered, phrase those questions to yourself.

Sometimes, you only need to repeat your intention several times though a day, like an affirmation.“Tonight I will remember my dreams” or “Tonight I get answers though my dreams.”Experiment with different methods until you find the one that works best for you. It helps if you sincerely believe you can receive answers through your dreams.

The Dream Journal


When you describe the dream, include as many details as possible. The interrogatives –, what, where, when, and how – act as excellent guides in collecting details. Were you alone? If not, who was with you? Friends? Family?  Strangers? What activity, if any, were you or the others engaged in? Was it day or night? Dark or light? Where were you? How did the dream “feel” to you? Familiar? Odd? Pleasant? When you record a dream, one of the details that should be

Included is how your felt upon awakening. What is our dominant emotion? Exhilaration?  Fear?

Sadness?  Happiness? Sometimes, when you go over the dream later, you may remember more details in your waking environment. Be sure to note the event or experience that triggered the recollection, because it may provide vital clues about the dream’s meaning or significance.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, recalling your dreams is going to be much more

difficult. You may want to note in your journal how long you sleep on a given night and how

many times you wake up. If you habitually wakeup at night, try taking advantage of the situation by seeing If you can recall any dreams. If you do, then record them.



Exercise: Recalling a Dream

This provides a list of points to look for in recalling a dream.

1. What was the location of the dream?

?? Was it indoors or outdoors? Above ground or below ground?

?? Was it located in a familiar or an unfamiliar place? Was in located in another town or city?

2. Were there people involved?

?? Did you know them or were they strangers?

?? Were they in your life now or from your past?

?? Were any of them celebrities?

3. What emotions were involved?

?? Were you exhilarated, happy, afraid, depressed, confused, or lonely?

?? Did your emotional state change during the dream?

?? If so, what caused the change?

4. Were there any animals in the dream?

?? Were they friendly, fierce-looking, gentle, or wise?

5. What objects of symbols were involved in the dream?

6. What was said in the dream?

?? Did anyone in the dream speak directly to you? What was said?