7th Grade Science

Welcome to 7th grade science!

We will be using Science 7 text by Bob Jones Press along with an activity book.  The activity book is consumable, and the students will be able to take notes and answer the question in the activity book.This year we will be learning the math skills needed to be mathematically proficient by understanding mathematical concepts.

Unit 1 – The Pattern of Life

Unit 2 – Microorganisms and Plants

Unit 3 – The Animal Kingdom

Unit 4 – The Human Body

Unit 5 – Interacting with the Biosphere

Supplies: 3 ring binder, Dividers with tabs, pencils, paper, and a good eraser


Classroom Expectations: Students should come to class with their books, binders with paper, pencils, and erasers. A student is allowed to retrieve missed articles twice with no consequence; the third time a student forgets something, he/she will give me time during break. If this continues, the student will do without the missing articles during class.  While in class, the students will be respectful of each other, of me, and of the classroom itself. In other words, I know these students know how to behave and I expect that good behavior on a daily basis.

Classroom Behavior: If a student makes an unwise choice that we cannot settle together, then the student and/or I will contact a parent. If this student did not catch on the first time and chooses unwisely again about the same matter, we will contact Mrs. Pierce. Consequences given are based on the action the student chooses. Cheating on any assignment, quiz, or test is an automatic zero. I believe that students are free to make choices but need to understand that they are not free from the consequences of those choices.

Grading Policy: If an assignment is late, the highest grade the student can make on it will be 80%. I feel when a grade of an A is made in class it is earned by turning in work which is accurate as well as on time.

I allow students to correct any daily work for a grade up to 80%. For example, if a student makes a 46% on an assignment he/she evidently did not understand, that student can correct the work, return it to me with the corrections shown, and if all of the corrections are in fact correct, I will change his/her grade to an 80%. If only part of the work is correct, the student will still earn a higher grade but not the entire 80%.

You may reach me by email anytime at mdensmore@ngca.net.    I generally check my emails during my planning period and after school.  I will respond as time permits throughout the day and at the end of the day.      

Thank you for trusting me to work with your most precious children.

Mary Katherine Densmore