First of all, you will NEVER have anything due on ANY Monday or Wednsday! YAY! However, if you fail to turn in something that was due on Friday of Tuesday, then it will be due the fallowing dat that we have class. Each assignment that is late will result in a ten (10) point deduction from the grade. Every additional day it is late will result in the same thing. For example; one day late, you cannot recieve anything higher then a 90%, second day late, nothing higher then an 80%, ect... You will have plenty of class time and at least two (2) days for each assignment, there is no reason for deliquecy!

First week of class:

  • Monday- introductions of ourselves, classroom rules, what to expect this year
  • Tuesday-nothing due. pass out all books and get to know the books, review from last year
  • Wednsday-nothing due. Begin reading chapter one in science "The Flower", review adding and subtracting digits, learn about Presidents Day-begin Top Hat for Abe Project.
  • Thursday-Top Hat for Abe Due
  • Friday-nothing due. Review everything from all week


Chapter One Test in Science will be two (2) weeks from Friday! Study, study, study!

all calenders are subject to change without preauthorization.