Did You Know?.......

Ludwig van Beethoven was completely deaf. He never once heard any of the wonderful musical masterpieces that he composed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was certifyablt insane. He was a musical genous but put forth extreme behavior. He wore very unique clothing and rerarely brushed his hair. He was very hyper and out going. He could not sit down for more then a few seconds at a time. He always had music flowing threw him, he was always writing and composing. It literally drove him insane.

There is a song of complete silence!'s true. In 1952, an American composer, Jong Cage, wanted to prove that music was in everything, so, he composed a song called 4'33. It was a quite ingenous idea. He would come out on stage, band ready, sit down at his piano, position his hands above the keys like he was going to play, and just sit there, silently, for exactly four minutes and thirty-three seconds. After the time was up, he would stand and bow and just walk off the stage. At first people were in an uproar. They had paid all that money to watch him sit and do nothing! Then, after they understood the concept, every night it was sold out! People liked the idea of being the 'music'. The caugh, sneezing, whispering, or clocks ticking, all of it was the music. It proved Cage's theory, there is never a such thing as complete silence, and music IS in everything!