Class Guidelines

Algebra 2 Guidelines

Michele Dueltgen

954-5790 (main office)


This course is the continuation of the study of Algebra.  Topics include continuing work with linear equations, quadratic equations, operations on polynomials, exponential equations, logarithms, complex numbers, conic sections, rational functions and probability. 



Your grade in this class will be based on the following:

        Tests and quizzes    approx 65% 

        Homework               approx 25%

        Participation             approx 10%


Tests and quizzes:

You will take tests and quizzes on a regular basis in this class.  I will always announce unit tests in advance.  I generally announce quizzes in advance, but on occasion you may have one that is unannounced.  Test and quiz scores will make up approx. 65% of your final grade.  You will have a semester final and an end of year final.



Practice makes perfect!  We will learn many different things in Algebra 2 and it is critical that you practice these things as you learn them. Your assignments are designed to help you get the most out of each days lesson.  You will receive daily homework assignments which will be due at the next class meeting.  I don’t except late work.  If you are absent and it is excused by the school office you will be allowed to make it up within one week of your return to school.  In addition, all work should be done in PENCIL ONLY and corrections made in pen.  Take pride in your work—keep it neat (use a binder), do your best, do your own work (cheating results in a score of zero and referral to honor tribunal), and ask questions if you need help.  Homework is worth approx. 25% of your grade.



Mathematics is not a spectator sport!  You should be an active participant in your education.  If you choose not to be appropriately involved in classroom activities you will lose participation points.  Participation makes up 10% of your grade.


Class materials:

Pencils, pens, binder paper, graph paper, ruler, and stapler.

You will also need at least a scientific calculator on a regular basis.


Classroom rules:

I have only one rule—you may choose not to learn or participate in this class; however, you do not have the right to interfere with the rights of others to learn or my right to teach.  Come to class ready to do your best and let others around you do their best and we will have a great year in this class.