Spelling Words

Spelling Words

The spelling patterns are au and aw.   

minister,  magnetic,  disappear,  launch,  fault,  audience,  straw,  gnaw,  draw,  auditorium,  August,  squaw,  flaw,  reporter,  operate



 transparent,  hurricane,  department

(I encourage every student to practice and try to sound out the bonus words on the spelling tests.  They do not get marked off if they spell the bonus words incorrectly.)  


**Spelling tests are given every Friday before Specials.  If there is no school on Friday, the tests are given on Thursday.** 

Additional Spelling Activities:

If your child needs more practice studying the spelling words, here are some activities to consider throughout the week.  These activities can be used for any phonetic patterns. 

 1.  Color code the spelling words.  Your child will write the spelling words in pencil and use a crayon to write the pattern he/she is studying.    For example: proud. 

2.  Write each spelling word using a different color crayon with each sound. 

3.  Call out the spelling words and have your child write or spell the words. 

4.  Write the spelling words in triangles by sounds.

p r
p r ou
p r ou d
Spelling Website
        This website is a fun way for your child to practice his/her spelling words without harming trees.  Here are the directions on how to access the weekly spelling list and games.
  • Type in the website www.spellingcity.com
  • Click on Find a List.
  • Type in MaryAnn Duncan. (Put a space between my first and last name.)
  • Click on my name.
  • Click on the name of the story for the week.
  • Play, Play, Play!
 Your child can review the old patterns as well.