Reader's Workshop

 Reader's Workshop

Reader's Workshop is the understanding and connecting part of reading.  Each day in class and at home your child will be reading.  Each time that your child reads independently, your child will be asked to apply a specific reading comprehension skill, such as determining author's purpose, making inferences, comparing and contrasting two characters or settings, etc. 

Homework Procedure: 

As part of your child's nightly homework, he/she has been asked to read a book that he/she feels comfortable reading independently.  (Your child may choose to read more than one book.)  

Once your child has the book(s) he/she wants to read:

Step 1:  Your child should find a quiet place to read.

Step 2:  Read silently or to another person until the book is complete.

Step 3:  Complete the nightly Reader's Workshop form.  This form is found in the Reader's Workshop tab of your child's APPLES binder.  Please allow your child to fill out the information on the form.  Your child needs to fill in the date, the title of the book,  and the information gathered while reading.   

Step 4:  Your child will ask you to write the length of time that he/she read and sign the form.  Ask your child questions about the book to help build comprehension skills.

Step 5:  Your child will place the completed Reader's Workshop form back in the binder.  The teacher will check it in the morning.