AR Program

CoolAR Goals and Incentives for 2nd GradeCool

1st Club:  5 points  (AR Button)

           Fernando, Jesus, Antonio, Natureriss

2nd Club:  10 points  (Purple Sticker)

                  Deasrae, Ricardo, Zackary, Savanah, Ale'Ciana, Cristal, Sydney

3rd Club:  25 points  (Red Sticker)

                   Peyton, Lillian, Destiny

4th Club:  35 points (Yellow Sticker)

             Mugs 'N Movies    (Cut-Off:  December 11th,   Event:  December 17th)

            Cole, Ayana

5th Club:  45 points  (Pink Sticker)


6th Club:  60 points  (Blue Sticker)

            Half day at the AR Beach Bash    (Cut-Off:  May 27th,  Event:  June 3rd)


7th Club:  75 points  (Green Sticker)

            All day at the AR Beach Bash with pizza    (Cut-Off:  May 27th,  Event:  June 3rd)


Pella Party:  175 + points

           A Surprise Event with Mr. Shayman     (Cut-Off:  May 27th,  Event:  June 7th)



Your child must have an 80% (or higher) AR score to participate in any AR activities listed in blue.