Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan:

Our Classroom Rules

1.  Treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.

2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

3.  Maintain polite listening skills without interrupting

4.  Use the important words:  “please”, “thank you”,

                               “you’re welcome”, “excuse me”, and “I’m sorry”.                            


School-Wide Expectations for Behavior

1.  Follow directions the first time.

2.  Be respectful of each other.

3.  Be prepared for learning. 

4.  Stay on task.

5.  Always do your best at West.


          I often remind the students that the purpose of our class rules is to provide an atmosphere where everyone is able to focus and learn without distractions.  Students make their own choices for behavior and understand that there are consequences for choices that interfere with learning.            

          I manage the behavior in my classroom using three colored apples.  Each student has a worm with his/her name on it to post on the behavior board.

Green Apple:  Each student begins the day with his/her worm on the green apple and we hope to end each day with the entire class on green.  All students who stay on the green apple all week can participate in Fun Friday.  Students who choose inappropriate behaviors will receive a warning prior to being asked to move his/her worm. 

Yellow Apple:  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will be asked to move his/her worm to the yellow apple.  The student will lose half of Fun Friday. 

Red Apple:  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will then be asked to move his/her worm to the red apple.  The student will lose all of Fun Friday and will receive a short form. 





                                                   Nightly Signature

**Please check your child's newsletter daily to see how your child behaved in class.  If your child is NOT on GREEN, there will be a note from me stating the undesired behavior(s).  After looking at the newlsletter, sign it.  The newsletters are checked every morning.**