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Welcome to Mrs. Duskin's 3rd-grade 2019-2020 class!


On this website, you will find information regarding our year together.  On the Parents Tab, you can find resources that will help your child succeed in my classroom.  There are activities to help your students if they are struggling or to enhance their learning. You can also find updates and copies of newsletters or notes that I send home.  We all know their backpacks eat important papers! You can also check the home page weekly to see what our focus for the week will be. Your students can use the students' pages to find websites and activities to expand their learning.




March 2nd-March 6th    DR. SEUSS WEEK

Monday    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish--wear red or blue

Tuesday    I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!--wear a t-shirt with a message

Wednesday   Oh The Places You’ll Go--wear college t-shirt/jersey

Thursday   Dress up like your favorite literary character     
Man in the Yellow Hat - classes listen to Mr. Blair read in front of the library. 

Friday     Vote for your favorite Dr. Seuss Book during lunch



March 9th-March 13th    SPRING BREAK    NO SCHOOL


This Week In..........


Fractions:   Last week we focused on the terms, numerator and denominator.  We labeled fractions on a number line and were able to write the correct fraction from a picture.  This week we are learning to compare fractions with the same numerator but different denominators, same denominators but different numerators, comparing fractions using greater than, less than or equal to, and ordering fractions.  

Summary, Character Traits, Story Elements, Theme:  We are continuing our study of how story elements affect a story:  not just listing the setting, problem, and solution but being able to describe how the setting applies to the story.  In third-grade we change the terminology to plot and resolution and talk about rising and falling action.  We are giving the students deeper questions to prepare them for the MAP test and really think about what they are reading, and analyze what the author is trying to tell them.  We are comparing 2 similar stories and telling how they are the same and different.  They also have to write a summary with a beginning, middle, and end using the vocabulary from the book they are reading.  This is something they have to do independently for all DRA tests over a level 30.  

We are finishing up our Opinion Writing.  They are testing over the process of brainstorming, drafting, editing and revising, and writing a final piece.  This will be on 3rd quarter's report card.


We finished up the water cycle and we are learning about the early days of Missouri as a state, its statehood, and immigrants to the state.  The students are pretending to be a pioneer who recently settled in Missouri and they are writing a daily journal depicting their life as a pioneer child.






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