Education and Leadership Philosophy


          I believe that students construct their own knowledge, but it is my responsibility as a teacher, to provide students with the resources and guidance to become active learners. I do this by creating meaningful lessons that are enriched by technology and art.   In the classroom, I create my lessons by first considering the learning styles and identities of my students.  This creates a learning environment conducive for obtaining my day-to-day goal in the classroom: establish a positive classroom environment.  There are three fundamentals necessary for meeting this goal: (1) being an approachable teacher by being assertive rather than aggressive, (2) allowing structured freedoms for the students, (3) promoting a love for oneself and their peers. 

            I am consistently asked how I earn my students respect in such a short amount of time.  I do this by finding a good balance between being an authority figure, and being a friend. I genuinely care about my students, and build rapport with every student in my classroom.  I know their interests and personalities, and share my interests and personality with them. Because the students trust and respect me, they know I am in control, and they never want to disappoint me.  This creates a positive environment where the students feel safe and trusted. Upon entering the classroom, I quickly learned that the more the children feel you genuinely know them, and care about them as individuals; the more they respect and obey you.

            My long term goal as a teacher is to help students build self-confidence.  One of the most important traits a child can develop is a deep love and respect for themselves.  The purpose of school, and my role as teacher, is to develop the whole child.  In the classroom, I provide every child with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.  This begins with the children believing that they are the future, and that they can succeed.  I want all children to know they have a voice, and that they are in control of their own destiny.