Question Answer
Teacher M.Davis
Subject ELA
Date November 30 2011
Time in 11:00
Time out 11:13
Period HR
1. Teacher location upon entrance: Teaching whole group
Comments Students were on the carpet. Liked how you tested their prior knowledge of previous story The Gingerbread Man.
Total students 24
Students off task  
Students authentic 24
Students compliant  
Comments You have a great classroom community! Your babies love you.
3. Teaching Alignment: The following were apparent  
Comments You have a great classroom community! Your babies love you.
4. Identified Learning: The following were apparent Activity aligns with objective.
Learning outcome is evident to students
Comments I could tell that you all had talked about compound words, parts of a story and word strategies (phonics).
5. Rigor Rate: (check any that apply) DOK 1: Recall of facts, information or procedures (arrange, define, list, recall, etc.)
DOK 2: Basic reasoning beyond recall. Multi-step (classify, estimate, compare, etc.)
6. Assessment Practice: (check any that apply)  
7. Instructional Practice (Student Directed) Identifying Similarities/Differences
Differentiated Process/Product
Instructional Practice (Teacher Directed) Reinforcing Effort
Providing Recognition
Questions, Cues w/ Wait Time
Student/Teacher Disscussion/Conferencing
Whole Group Instruction
Comments Your interactive writing lesson was going very well. Your students seemed to be great word detectives and they really comprehended the story!
8. Learning Environment: The following factors that improve student learning were present: No Teacher Nest
Instructionally Purposeful
Appropriate Student work displayed
Use of Proximity
Student Literate Classroom
Safe Learning Environment
Clean (Neat/Orderly)
Room Displays are Current
Room Arrangement Supports Instruction
Effective Classroom Management
Comments Your room is very print rich! I love all of your student made work that is on the wall and it is useful to them. Also, all of the information is current. I thnikg that you and Mrs.Cox make an awesome team.
General Comments Meade your are an awesome teacher! Your style of teaching is wonderful and your students are really connected to you. You are a natural born teacher and we are so lucky to have you here at SCES.